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Events are the meeting of ideas, people and potential

Here at GROW we have a passion for improving life for our communities and often partner with like-minded groups to deliver stunning workshops and conferences. Much of our event work happens in the Not-For-Profit sector, where we have been championing causes and getting people together for over 10 years.

We’ve brought to the New Zealand audience international thought leaders such as Mark Cabaj from Tamarack Institute, who spoke on evaluating complex community issues, such as neighbourhood renewal, poverty and homelessness, community safety, educational achievement and health.

We’ve recently hosted Australian  Kerry Graham on a workshop roadie, with fantastic feedback from her whistle stop roadshow on Collaboration in Communities.  Maree Crabbe spoke to a selective audience on how to deal with youth damaged by pornography, the wonderful Moya Sayer-Jones has coaxed vital, communicative stories from many non-profits, newcomer Dietske Van Kessel has aided understanding and New Zealander Aly McNicoll of the NZ Institute of Coaching and Mentoring has coached and mentored her way across the country.  Our regular conferences on Board Building, the Finance Forum and the National NFP Sector Conference we hope are helping to keep the non-profit sector on the straight and narrow.


We are an innovative and lean independent business development agency that unashamedly wants to make a difference and does so by putting our clients first. It’s not just your website we are interested in, but you, your business, and how you fit into the community. Our team has a wealth of experience across many backgrounds and we get our heads together on your behalf to find the best way to help you get your message across – so that it still sounds like you.

Things are changing in marketing so fast, but the basics are solid as a rock. We start with the rock: what do you want to say, how do you say it honestly and in a way that will engage your audience. Then we look at the best medium to get your message out to the right people in the most effective way that results in the best outcome for you.

Simple as that.

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Through organising events we are able to engage with the community. Often we find ourselves the catalyst in conversation between local authorities and those in need.  Our best days are the ones when we are out in the community, getting people together.

A recent highlight for the team was Snow Day, which we organised on behalf of a local collective and  dumped 16 tonnes of snow in Central Hastings under a massive igloo and watched the people gather together and play (yes, even the adults).

That’s community.


Through a creative intelligent approach, we assist clients in targeting their audiences and achieving measurable results. We are design, print and online media professionals, with skills in brand development, corporate identity, brochures, email and social media marketing, advertising, and exhibition displays and web presence. It sounds like quite a list, but it all boils down to one thing: creativity.  We can share this with you.

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