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Google Analytics and Google Search Console

Two tools used by most websites are Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Google Analytics collects data on website traffic and allows you to view statistics such as how many visits each page of your website receives, where the viewers are located and what kind of device and software is used. It’s also possible to […]

7 tips for nailing your social media presence!

Make sure your profile photo and cover photo are in line with your brand and are recognisable. Your cover photo takes up the most real estate on your page so make sure you’re choosing one that is high quality and engaging to your visitors. Add a call to action button to your profile. Examples include […]

GROW welcomes Irena Mikolic

GROW welcomes Irena Mikolic to the team as our Account Manager. Irena originates from Croatia, was raised in The Netherlands and moved to New Zealand 14 years ago. For the last 12 years she’s been running her very own jewellery business and like any woman she loves diamonds but also a passion was born to […]

Hawke’s Bay Hockey’s new website

Grow has recently redesigned Hawke’s Bay Hockey’s website. The process was involved. We started by analysing what was not working for HBH and its web visitors. We then streamlined the website with many small improvements to the structure and design. The HBH team managing the website now finds the task of keeping the site up-to-date […]

A new look for Hurford Parker

Jeff Parker, Managing Director of Hurford Parker, has been working with GROW for many years now. The end of 2016 saw a need to update the look and feel of the Hurford Parker branding to reflect the company’s evolution and development. The aim was to roll this new-look out for a fresh start in 2017 […]

Have you found your window?

Last weekend I decided to have a leisurely read of the newspaper and quickly realised that I was already aware of all the major news stories. The realisation that newspapers just don’t work as a timely news source for many of us any more reminded me just how much our clients have changed their marketing […]

What is ‘Phishing’?

“Phishing” is when a user is tricked into submitting personal information to an attacker. A new type of phishing attack, used so far to collect Google account login details, works by displaying a Google login page that looks genuine within the body of the page but has a URL like “data:text/html,https://accounts.google.com/ServiceLogin?service=…”. At a glance, one can see […]

Karen Toulmin – Professional Triathlete

Karen Toulmin is a long distance triathlete, embarking on her first year as a professional. Taking up triathlon at age 30, she has spent the last three seasons racing age group, ranked as one of the top performing amateur athletes in New Zealand. GROW Creative has been working with Karen over the last 18 months, […]

Grow Events Partner

We focus on delighting audiences. Allow us to help you bring together inspirational speakers, professional workshop facilitators and value adding partners to rock your audience. Grow has been managing events since 2005. Our strength lies in finding the right mix of passion, commitment, business sense, design, communication skills and project management to match your requirements. […]

GROW – Starting 2017 with a BANG!

2017 has started with a BANG with new projects underway, clients actively looking at building their business, client base and make sound marketing investments that will deliver a return. Not only is this exciting from a supplier perspective, but increasingly we are partnering more closely with clients so that our part of the equation makes […]