Infinity Sponsorship

Fundraising Academy

Become a better fundraiser

Staying Resilient in the NFP Sector

Staying Resilient in the NFP Sector

Building Personal Strategies

Thriving at Work in Disruptive Times

Real Strategies for regulating stress and optimising performance

Improving Fundraising Results 2017

Evaluation that matters

Supporting young peole - Workshop

Sex Ed by Porn? 2017

Supporting young people in an age of pornography

Porngraphy Impact Forum 2017

Pornography Impact Forum 2017

Putting Porn in Focus
Addressing pornography’s impact on young people

National Zero Suicide Forum 2017

National Zero Suicide Forum 2017

Achieving sustained reduction in suicide

Sponsorship Negotiation Tactics

Sponsorship Negotiation Tactics 2017

These sponsorship negotiation tactics workshops in four locations will show all the things you need to know to make a successful sponsorship approach AND be able to close the deal.