Thriving at work in disruptive times

Thriving @ Work in Disruptive Times

Real strategies for regulating stress and optimising performance

Innovate. Fresh ideas for NFPs


Innovate will challenge your ideas about the future of Not-For-Profits.  We will test your beliefs about the sector and look at new ways of funding that step away from the dependency cycle.  Come and discover what others in the Not-For-Profit sector are doing and find inspiration for fresh opportunities going forward.

Using Appreciative Enquiry Tanya James workshop


Appreciative inquiry (AI) is simple, innovative method used to positively develop workplace relationships, teams, whole organizations or multi-agency partnerships. AI helps people solve problems and create opportunities by merging what’s already working with creative solutions. The hallmark of AI is the method’s focus on creating positive change while enhancing organizational relationships, energy and enthusiasm. This workshop focuses on getting you ready to use AI in your workplace straight away – bring one or two real examples to work with throughout the day. These could range from dealing with a difficult issue, to designing a new initiative or formulating a strategy for you organization. The workshop is designed for both beginners and those who have previously attended AI workshops.

Collaborative Leadership Event Tanya James


Collaborative leadership, also referred to as collective leadership, describes the skills and mindsets needed to effectively lead with other leaders when outcomes can’t be achieved by one leader alone. This workshop examines the mindsets, behaviours and skills of collaborative leaders and collaborative leadership teams. The workshop contrasts collaborative leadership with other leadership approaches. There is a focus on identifying participant’s existing leadership frameworks and strengths with a view to each participant creating a Leadership Development Plan. These enable new collaborative leadership skills to be learnt on-the-job. The workshop is suitable for informal leaders and team leaders, managers and executive team leaders.