Practical Stress Management 2017

Practical Stress Management 2017

Real life techniques for handling complexity at work.

Sponsorship Negotiation Tactics

Sponsorship Negotiation Tactics 2017

These sponsorship negotiation tactics workshops in four locations will show all the things you need to know to make a successful sponsorship approach AND be able to close the deal.

Wire your team for Success

This workshop is for people leaders and those seeking to unlock their own potential, or the potential of others.

Engage for Impact Workshop Series

Engage for Impact

An interactive workshop with Danielle Annells. Learn how to successfully engage communities and achieve large-scale social change

Sex Ed by Porn Workshop

Sex Ed by Porn 2016

This workshop with Maree Crabbe will help you understand how pornography is shaping young people’s sexual expectations and experiences and give you tools to help equip young people for a sexuality that is safe, respectful and fully consenting.

Practical Stress Management

Practical Stress Management 2016

Real life techniques for handling complexity at work. These are small, interactive one day workshops with Dr Suzanne Henwood, helping to understand stress and its impact and looking at how applied neuroscience can assist with stress management.

The workshop includes practical skills and personal work.


Matthew Tukaki discusses how to prepare your Not-For-Profit for change in a series of seven, one-day regional workshops. 

Collaboration in your Community

Collaboration in your Community

This workshop introduces you to the collective impact framework – a structured and disciplined way to make collaboration work across government, non-profits, community groups, business and philanthropists.

Come and learn how to work with others for a common good, how to galvanise broad based community support and how to make progress when nothing else seems to be making a difference.



This practical workshop provides the tools and skills leaders and managers need to adopt a coaching mindset and develop people and performance through one to one coaching.

Managing Difficult Personalities


Managers often report that they are currently managing difficult personalities. Learn to turn these people around.