Website hosts, registrars & email etc…

What is domain registration?

In order for your website to be visible to the public, the first step is to get your domain name registered. Registering your website domain name is like acquiring the plot of land on which to build your house. Domains can be registered for an entire year and incurs an annual fee.

There are many different registration companies you can choose from and you can pick any around the world

What is hosting?

The next step to making your website open to the public is hosting. Hosting is like laying the foundations for the house you want to build on your acquired land. It keeps your house standing and determines what and how much you can build on it.

This is done through hosting companies (many of whom are also registrars). There are many different hosting companies you can choose from. Each one comes with different fees and services. Maintaining hosting on your domain name often incurs a monthly fee on top of your registration fee. A hosting plan can house more than one website or domain (this is known as parking domains) which can keeps costs down.

Where does GROW host or register?

At GROW, our preferred website host and domain registrar is local business Web Connect, based in Napier. We like to support local businesses, and the staff at Web Connect are professional and approachable and so are our first choice for all our websites. Of course if you have another preference, we can work with alternatives.

What are the plans?

We offer managed hosting, which means we perform backups, monitoring and maintenance on your website to increase security and to prevent or detect problems. Pricing will vary depending on the size and complexity of the website, but starts from $27.50+GST/month.

GROW will notify you when it is time to increase your hosting to the next level. This will happen when you attract more traffic or there is more activity on your website, or if your collection of data on your website expands.

If you want to choose your own hosting location or registrar:

Sometimes you might like your website hosted with a different company with a different plan, because you like that company’s services or you prefer their pricing plans.

In which case, contact us and we will confirm that we can provide the same high level of service with your choice.

It is also possible to have a different domain registrar from your webhost. For example, you can use hosting on Bignoise, but be registered elsewhere. Generally, we suggest that things run much smoother when registration and hosting are with the same supplier.

What about email hosting?

All of our hosting plans let you have up to 10 email accounts that are based on your webhosting.  This is suitable if you need only a few light email accounts.

If you have considerable traffic on your emails or multiple accounts; GROW recommends cloud-hosted email services such as Microsoft Exchange, Google For Work or Zimbra Enterprise. Let us know how you would like to use email in your business and we will advise the right email service for you.

Other questions?

Call me on 06 878 3456 or email and I will be happy to help.