Update your Website 1

Logging in and amending text

Logging In

Log in

To find your log in page, add /wp-admin after your website address, eg.
Enter your User Name and Password.

TIP:  Once you have logged in, you can toggle between your website and the back end of your website from the black bar on top of the page. Click “View Page” or “Edit Page” to change.

Making changes to text

  1. On the menu to the side, click on “Pages”. This lists all pages on your website, active or not.
  2. Select a page to edit from this list.
  3. Click in the text to open the editor, and make your text changes.
  4. Controls are in a toolbar just above the editing area, you can change colour, italics, bold, etc, though we recommend keeping style changes to a minimum for design consistency.
  5. Click “Save” at the bottom of this editing box.
  6. After saving your text, your need to update the page and make your changes live. On the right hand column of the page, click the blue “Update” button. This makes your changes live.
  7. To check your website, click “View Post” on the black bar at the top of the page.

Edit bar

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