What options does grow provide for email?

We know that when you obtain a domain name, you probably want email accounts to come with it. So we have options for you

Your Webhosting account on your domain

All GROW hosting packages permit up to 10 email accounts free for non-active uses. Email accounts made on your website hosting plan borrow

This is good if you just need an address for aesthetic roles and not as a ain email email accounts AND your website will be sharing the same data allocation so this is NOT good if you plan on storing a lot of information

Email accounts with your website:

Email accounts included in website hosting fee. See charges for website hosting

Packages for separate email-only domains:

Grow Email 750MB – 3.85 including GST – suited for one account

Grow Email 2GB – 6.38 inluding GST – suited for multiple accounts

Premium services

Do you want unlimited email data? Unlimited email accounts? No risk of downtime? Seamless Outlook integration and full features? Email independence from your website hosting?

If you want a strong, reliable and robust email service for handling multiple busy accounts for your business communication, Grow recommends:

  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Zimbra Enterprise

Enquire with us how we can get Exchange or Zimbra set up for you

What if I already use Exchange or other cloud hosted email services?

You might be already using a services for email which you are happy with and wish to continue using. GROW can easily make use of what you currently use

Notify GROW

Tell us about your existing email services. Whether it is Microsoft Exchange email, Gmail, your old website hosting provider or other. Your GROW website can then be configured to use what you already have, which can save time and avoid difficult transfers.

We’ll only need to ask you a few questions, such as:

  • Who your email provider is
  • What email accounts you use