COVID has led to innumerable layers of frustration and futility for all of us. In a world ravaged by an invisible ‘enemy’ which has enormous implications on every age group, in every society and every sector, how are we to remain resilient? Things that brought us joy like summer festivals, have been cancelled; visiting loved ones overseas up till now has been impossible, workplaces are unrecognisable due to many of the workforce opting to work remotely with Omicron bearing down upon us. How do we stay adaptable and avoid falling into a victim mindset given the high levels of futility that are present in our New Normal world?

As mental health clinicians, we also face our own unique set of frustrating circumstances and futilities. We have multiple new referrals per day and can’t take on any more clients, we suffer zoom fatigue, so our ‘normal’ caseload is now even more energy draining, we may feel confused by how to conduct our sessions (with or without masks, online or in person). Daily we face innumerable layers of frustration and futility which, according to Dr Gordon Neufeld, a Developmental Psychologist, can have either 3 outcomes/alternatives. Firstly, if we are powerful enough, we change our external conditions. With a pandemic ravaging the world, no one person, or nation state or chemistry lab is powerful enough to eradicate the COVID virus. Secondly, we adapt by changing our internal conditions (our mindset and our emotional responses, becoming transformed and resilient). Thirdly, if we are non-adaptive the chances are we will go into attack mode (directed either at self or others). This presentation will outline the simple yet profoundly applicable model of frustration leading to adaptation which has implications for working with a wide variety of clients in diverse settings, as well as applied as a self-care model for clinicians working in ever-changing stressful environments.

Learning Outcomes:

In this workshop Ruth will present a model of frustration leading to adaptation which can be used with our clients, and our own process of adaptation, given that the world pre-pandemic is not the same as the world we inhabit now. 

Daily the news reports changes to our living and working lives, whether that is an extended lockdown, a new traffic-light system, a mandate that affects our working lives, our travelling lives and our ability to stay physically connected as attachment beings.

What others have said about Ruth’s presentations

First, a big thank you for the excellent workshop you presented yesterday.  I have been a psychologist for almost 30 years (12 years in New Zealand, the rest in USA) and have a very high standard for the word “excellent”.  You are most definitely in that category!  You are a pleasure to listen to…. your manner of delivering information is one which makes it a pleasure to receive and digest the material!   It all made perfect sense to me and increased my understanding of a process that had not yet been understandable to me!!!“ – Psychologist, NZ

"Your presentation was top marks for presentation and delivery.  Just loved all the work put into those slides.  And I have heard only favourable comments.  And so often people refer to your warmth and lovely personality.  Can't better that!  Thank you again!!!" – Counsellor.

"Your presentation on “Developing resilience in the heart of a leader”  was one of the most outstanding presentations I have seen – anywhere!  For me it was new material and has given me a new resource to refer to and to contemplate.  Thanks for the insights from that workshop". CEO, Australiasia company.

Your presentations on attachment are easily absorbed and so missing (I have found anyway) where the people who are making the decisions are concerned. Ah...if only we had a sincerity, and passion, such as yours in those organisations.” Social Worker, Auckland.

I really appreciate your warm open-hearted style, your research and digestible way of offering complex information.” Psychotherapist, Auckland.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful knowledge, humour and inspiration with me during your awesome workshop”. Psychotherapist, Wellington.

“I was privileged in attending your seminar. I found the whole presentation flowed and you were wonderful in listening and answering everyone’s questions.” Counsellor, Tauranga.

"Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and knowledge with us at the Professional Development day. The feedback from participants has been SO positive. Everyone thinks you were informative, easy to listen to and they all want you to come back." Organiser of Event in Christchurch for Counsellors. 

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Who Should Attend:

Mental health professionals, educators (teachers, teacher aides, RTLB’s, school counsellors), social workers, counsellors, Justice Dept staff (Corrections, Police). Those supporting both adults and children who struggling to adapt to the New Normal.

This workshop is designed to helping our clients (and ourselves) stay adaptive in an ever-changing pandemic context.

About the Presenter:

Dr. Ruth Lawson-McConnell

Ruth Lawson-McConnell is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (Canada) and a member of the New Zealand Counselling Association and the NZ Psychological Society with nearly 30 years experience. She trained and worked in Scotland and Canada, and has been in New Zealand for the past 11 years. She has an MA (Honours) in Social Anthropology and Psychology (Aberdeen University) and a PhD (Counselling Psychology - Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Scotland).

Ruth specialises in attachment issues both in adults and children. She works with a foster care agency supporting carers looking after children with complex developmental trauma. Ruth also has a private practice where she offers specialist supervision on attachment and trauma with adults, and parent consulting on children’s emotional and behavioural issues. Ruth has specialist training as a neuropsychotherapy practitioner and a trauma specialist working with partners of sex addicts.  



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