Connecting to Your Purpose


Connecting to Your Purpose - FREE WEBINAR

FREE Webinar

Thursday 2 July 7pm - 8pm

Connecting to Your Purpose

The recent COVID crisis and the ensuing time out of "business as usual" might have led you to consider purpose a bit more deeply.

It's not uncommon, indeed the two key factors that lead people to seek purpose are

  • crisis
  • space to think. 

But what is purpose? It's a tricky idea to grapple with at the best of times - I used to think it's like trying to explain the taste and smell of the number 3...

Well the good news is you can get the answer to that big question and plenty others in this 60-minute high energy and interactive workshop that will help you find purpose fuelled performance. In our time together you will uncover:

  • What purpose is and isn’t 
  • The 2 core elements of purpose in life
  • The 7 major life benefits of being on purpose
  • The 7 major blocks that are stopping you being on purpose and how to unblock them
  • The 3 sure ways to find meaning in your life today.

Who should attend

If the recent COVID crisis and the ensuing time out of "business as usual" has led you to consider purpose a bit more deeply, this 1 hour free webinar is for you.

About Tim Jones - the Grow Good Guy

Tim Jones is The Grow Good Guy. He’s a specialist trainer and coach who helps people and organisations define their big-picture purpose and grow positive change in the world. 

His business is one of the founding B Corps in New Zealand and he’s also the B Corp Ambassador for New Zealand.

He has worked as a General Manager for Kilmarnock Enterprises, Head of Sales for CoGo and has run hugely successful training events for organisations such as Meridian Energy.

Tim will also be hosting a 3-hour online workshop on Positive Mindset for Positive Impact.

What others says about Tim

"Incredible workshop - so much value!! Tim Jones was so good, really enjoyed his delivery and style which made me connect a lot of the dots."

"Epic Music today! I am a lyric nerd, so absolutely on-point selection Tim, each had a clear purpose! So cool!! I got SO much out of today and have shared your 3 questions with 2 of our team today around 1963 and for one, in particular, it changed his whole mood from frustrated to peaceful! Thank you!!"

"Such a warm, supportive and welcoming space for us all. Their open discussion was extremely memorable, thought-provoking and empowering. The session provided a great deal of insight into the importance of living a positive and meaningful life."

Date & Location

Thursday 2 July, 7pm - 8pm

Once you register, you will be sent the link and password for a Zoom meeting.

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