Emotional Rollercoasters, Recalibrating and Low Energy

Wednesday 13 October
4.00pm - 5.00pm
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The lockdowns associated with Covid-19 have raised the anxiety levels of all. Whether you are in L4 or L2, the loss of control and freedom is real for many – and caring professionals are not immune from this.
Our panel will discuss some of these issues from both a personal and professional perspective sharing tips and advice on what has worked for them during these challenging times. They will also discuss how we can use these tools and skills to support service users and clients effectively, and explore the various digital tools that are freely available, and how to encourage clients to use these as part of their self-management.
This really is an all-star panel, prepared to talk frankly about anxiety and its effects on our lives, whanau and practice.

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This Week's Panelists.......

Suzanne Henwood started her working life in healthcare – moving from being a practitioner, to educator and to Associate Professor. She has 30 years’ experience of teaching and training at an advanced level and is an NLP Coach and Trainer, a Mindfulness Facilitator, a Havening Practitioner, a Heartmath practitioner and an mBIT Master Coach and Master Trainer, one of only two people in the world to hold both titles (outside one of the developers of mBraining). She is also trained in IDT, ACT, Map of Meaning, Moving on (a licensed bullying recovery programme), Solution Focused Brief Therapy for severe stress and anxiety, Refocussing Counselling and polyvagal informed therapy. 

She currently works as a stress and anxiety coach, as well as training coaches globally to take their coaching skills to the Next Level.

Francis Jamieson has worked in mental health for the last 37 years.  With a Bachelor of Arts, Certificate of Proficiency in Teaching People with Special Needs (Applied Behavioural Analysis based), Graduate Diploma Psychotherapy, Advanced Supervision Training.

His journey started with working for the IHC and after completing his BA and CPTIH, he became a Consultant for people with Special Needs.  After counselling many caregivers in this capacity, he studied Applied Psychotherapy at AUT and  managed/facilitated the Man Alive Adolescent Programme for Youth at Risk in West Auckland. 

He has worked as a family therapist and has a small private practice where he offers counselling and psychotherapy, as well as supervision for counsellors and psychotherapists.  He trains other health professionals in working with clients with ADHD, working with trauma, and suicidal thinking.  He has worked as a private consultant both for institutions and in private homes, training/supporting staff/people with clients experiencing extreme behavioural challenges.  He facilitates workplace mediations either off or onsite.

Marlize Malan-van Rooyen is a registered educational psychologist.. Her career started in private practice after which she joined the Department of Educational Psychology, University of Pretoria, South Africa.  She enjoyed various roles including, co-management of the educational psychology training facility, practical training of post-graduate students, case-management, supervision and teaching several under-and postgraduate modules.   

Marlize completed her PhD in 2015 titled “Indigenous Pathways to Adaptive Coping in Rural Communities” which formed part of the Indigenous Pathways to Resilience Research Project. 

Marlize worked at the Ministry of Education which rekindled her interest in exploring well-being focused practices that could uphold collaboration, emphasise strengths and nurture resilience on an individual and systemic level. It was here she became compassionate about the well-being of teachers and other caring professionals which has led her to her newest journey. She is currently designing a series of resilience- and well-being focused workshops aimed at sharing tools and ideas around strengthening oneself in the context of a demanding careers. 

Date & Location

Wednesday 13 October
4.00pm - 5.00pm
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