Tuesday, 15 June to Tuesday, 20 July from 3.30pm to 5pm

A series of six 90 minute interactive webinars around the theme of Leading a Non-Profit Organisation that aim to promote understanding across sectors and generations of non-profit leaders.

No matter your title or role, there are plenty of opportunities to make an impact while working at a nonprofit organisation and for you to serve as a leader. Whether you are directing a board, chairing a committee, managing a team, or coordinating a project, the goal is always the same — to lead  effectively.  This webinar series is designed for anyone who is interested in expanding the capacity  of non-profit services in their community – from front line service staff to managers of large teams.

The Leading a Non-profit Organisation guidebook will be helpful to new, aspiring or current leaders managing a team/committee within a nonprofit.

The series will be delivered via 6 live, 90 minute webinar sessions every Tuesday, 15 June to Tuesday, 20 July from 3.30pm to 5pm.  These interactive sessions are designed to provide you with some practical information, plus you can get involved in a conversation with peers and ask any questions that are on your mind right now!

Below is a breakdown of the programme in core leadership areas.

Getting Started

Gerard Menses
15 June 2021

Starting a new job is always an exhilarating experience, and nonprofit leaders have the power to effect real, lasting change. The session offers tips and tools to help make your adoption of this new role as seamless as possible, improve how the team adopts you and how to hit the ground running while forging successful new relationships.

Working with a Board

Gerard Menzies
6 July 2021

As any nonprofit director will tell you, it’s not just employees with whom it is essential to maintain a positive working relationship. To function as an effective executive in a nonprofit organisation, you must learn to balance your day-to-day leadership duties with your accountability to the board of directors. The proper balance can only be achieved when both the board and the executive director have clearly defined their roles and responsibilities, and when meetings are structured in an efficient and logical fashion.

Designing, Developing and Implementing Plans

Heather Stone
22 June 2021

As a leader, it is your responsibility to guide the organisation and provide a vision for where it will be in the immediate future and the long term. This is achieved through the creation and implementation of a strategic plan.

Strategic planning charts a course for reaching your goals and evaluating your progress. Strategic planning is important because it provides an organisation’s board, staff, and stakeholders with a universal blueprint for action. 

Financial Management and Fundraising

Robin Cabral
13 July 2021

Often, the executive director is also responsible for determining how the organisation spends its money and generates financial support. Managing and raising funds effectively is critical to the sustainability of the organisation and will be an issue of particular concern to the board of directors. We will explore the skills required to succeed here.

Building the Team and Getting the Best from Them

Aly McNicoll
29 June 2021

An organisation is only as strong as its staff, so it is essential that you take a thoughtful approach and make informed decisions when recruiting new employees. Once you have a team in place (or if you are inheriting a preexisting staff), it is equally important to engender mutual respect and commitment to the organisational mission.

Leading Teams

Helmut Modlik
20 July 2021

Leadership is a critical factor in managing the complexities of a nonprofit organisation, but you don’t have to be the executive director to be a leader. Nearly everyone must lead at some point in their employment at a nonprofit, whether it’s in the form of heading a project or mentoring a co-worker. Understand your leadership style and what the team responds to. 

Meet the Presenters

The series will be hosted by Grow and involves a fantastic line-up of renowned practitioners, researchers, authors, and educators.

Whether you decide to attend the live sessions or watch the events on-demand recorded videos – you will be learning from some of the sector's best.


The series will be delivered via 6 live webinar sessions every Tuesday, 15 June to Tuesday, 20 July from 3.30pm to 5pm.  This will continue as an on-demand event (i.e. you can watch recorded versions of the live sessions).  All of the webinars are delivered via an interactive Zoom experience, so grab a  cuppa and get comfortable.

We therefore ask all participants to have their own computer / laptop as this makes interaction with the breakout room activities and discussions easier and enhances the learning for all.

You registration fee includes The Leading a Non-profit Organisation Guidebook.  This workbook will be helpful to new, aspiring or current leaders managing a team/committee within a nonprofit.  It will be sent to all registrations prior the the series start.

Price Options and Registration

Ticket price includes access to the full series of 90 minute webinars, attend live sessions in real-time and/or on-demand.

  • Earlybird rate $230 gst incl (until Friday 28 May)
  • Standard rate $260 gst incl 

Registration process
Payment online is by Debit or Credit Card: VISA, Mastercard or American Express only and there are 3 easy steps to complete the online booking process.

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What happens if you have to cancel?
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