A proven option for those experiencing chronic illnesses like Long Covid, fatigue, pain, anxiety, or depression.

This is a small group face-face training with a max of 10 participants

Feedback from an attendee to a face-face workshop

"Hi Jenny, thanks to you and this course I am now living and loving life! I have been back training and just completed a 6km run. I LOVE your work 💕Thank you for your commitment and passion - you are making a real difference in people’s lives."
Chris Stewart. Former Long Covid sufferer and nurse. Attended an in-person workshop November 2022 

What Is The Lightning Process®?

"The changes I see in my clients who train in the Lightning Process® are phenomenal as they learn to be sustainably well again, and the research, together with my own experience, supports this". Jenny Oliver.

The Lightning Process®  (LP), is an evidence based, peer reviewed training coaching course, teaching people how to adjust the messaging throughout their brain and body; to fire and wire up useful, new neural pathways, to repair and reset all the systems in the body, sustainably calming the nervous system.

Based on studies in psychoneuroimmunology - being the link between the central nervous system, endocrine system and immune system, and the brain-mind-body connection, this workshop provides the knowledge and practical skills and tools for people to be able to make real, lasting change. Changes and choices that can be easily implemented straight away.

Both physical ailments and behavioural issues of varying depth and breadth can benefit from this training.

We know from research that new neural pathways can always grow and change. Neuroplasticity is always ON, so the more we trigger those new pathways, the stronger and faster they become. Jenny teaches you how to do this.

During this small group, interactive in-person workshop, your presenter Jenny Oliver will provide an enjoyable, inspiring, fresh and practical approach to HOW to retrain your brain and reset your nervous system for sustainable health. Giving you the ‘key to open the door’ to new health.

She will highlight the way the brain edits and filters information, the language we use and how we think, feel and act within our environment.

This is very much a small-group learning experience with Jenny able to work with each individual and their goals for the day on a far more one-on-one basis, than at larger training events.

It is therefore more in keeping with developing a personalised application of the Lightning Process® principles for each attendee that will provide practical tools and strategies for sustained change, but because it is still in a group setting, it offers a more accessible option than if participants were to look at signing up for the training as a one-on-one course which is offered over a longer timeframe (generally 6 months with coaching to keep people on track and ongoing resources and communication).

What to expect from this workshop:

  • Small group of 10 people in a beautiful home in Epsom. Relaxing and yet an environment conducive to making change.

  • You will not ‘share’ your issue around the group or be ‘put on the spot’. This is  your personal experience of making the changes you want and/or being provided with options to take back to your clinics/practice.

  • The content is research based, new, interesting and engaging – seminar style -  involving a wide range of learning styles.

  • You will receive resources which cover all the concepts taught.

Who Should Attend

For Health Professionals
This workshop on the Lightning Process ® Training is suitable for GP's, health care and mental health professionals (psychiatrists & psychologists), counsellors, social workers and other caring professionals who are looking for more options for their clients who are stuck in chronic issues and looping patterns.

When clients/patients learn HOW to influence their own health, emotions and body, using simple tools, based on the way the brain and body interact, new opportunities open up for them.

Contact us today to make a pencil booking if you are seeking funding approval from your organisation.

NOTE - If your organisation is interested in having Jenny present face-face as a private workshop to your team, please contact Faye Johnson for more information.

For Individuals
This training is also suitable for those experiencing any stuckness themselves, such as fatigue, pain, anxiety, overwhelm or depression.

•Do you feel trapped in your ‘condition’ and in a loop of negative thoughts?

•Have you tried everything to fix yourself and don’t know where to turn?

•Are you overwhelmed, struggling and ready for change?

The Lightning Process training in person workshop, will train you how to adjust the pathways, so to improve ALL systems in your body and stay focused on using energy and calm in the right places – staying sustainably well.

This interactive workshop will provide a fresh new look at health options for chronic illness, and you will learn:

  • The WHY: Why the Lightning Process ® works and why it is relevant to you, your patients and practice? Who is it for and not for?

  • The HOW: How to apply neuroplasticity, language and brain techniques to overcome illness.

  • The WHAT: Techniques you can use to enable, empower and give hope to yourself and others achieve better health outcomes.

  • A practical strategy for changing habitual, non-useful patterns into new ones for energy, health and wellbeing

  • The EVIDENCE: The latest research on the LP, including Randomised Controlled Trials.

Additional feedback from Jenny's workshops

"This was the most inspiring, life changing course I’ve ever been too –thank you so much for a wonder-filled Lightning Process. I now have the key to open the door. Your passion and integrity for what you do for us is refreshing."
Jodie Freeman

"You are such a joy to be around, a real breath of fresh air!"
Dee Clark

"You kept our brains alive Jenny."
Anita L

"Everyone needs the Lightning Process! Thank you for changing my life."
Jason Walker

A selection of comments from previous LP online workshops with Grow

"Thank you Jenny. I could write a novel on what my top take-aways from the day were, but will narrow it down to the top 4. Firstly as someone doing systemic sclerosis I was totally inspired by Jenny's daughter's story - thank you. Second is the huge idea that we can "recode and update our software." Thirdly - the 5 steps - lifechanging! Fourth - every moment of every day is a choice"

"I gained lots of practical ways to help people get unstuck".

"I learnt the simple effective steps to the Lightning Process that I didn't previously know. Loved the quick exercises /brain breaks too".

"I now know new ways to step away from and reframe internal or external pain."

People leave this workshop feeling:
'Inspired’, ‘enthused’, ‘encouraged’, ’equipped’, ‘energised’, ‘reinvigorated” and ‘Keen to share with my clients’.

Dr David Doig MD
Hawkes Bay based David Doig has practiced as a GP for 20 years, and in the last five of those, he has referred a dozen patients to The Lightning Process. Of those, most have been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome – a condition he describes as “devastating in terms of its effect on people. It’s a physical illness that frequently renders patients incapable of doing their normal job, participating in family life, being able to exercise and so on.”

Of those 12, 11 have had positive results. “They have become more confident in managing their illness and, for the majority, participating in The Lightning Process typically marks a turning point for them, from what seems like a progression into loss of life’s enjoyment, to regaining control and starting a recovery process.” The 12th patient, he concedes, “felt it gave them no benefit at all”.

Doig says the controversy around the training comes from it sounding “a bit magic and strange” as well as there being few scientific trials to prove its effectiveness, or otherwise. “It’s impossible to run a randomised control trial vs placebo for a technique like The Lightning Process,” he says. “Individually targeted therapies are very difficult to gather evidence for – participants either know they’re doing it, or know they’re not. And anecdotal evidence doesn’t carry a lot of sway in the medical community.”

But, he says, the proof for him is patients whose lives have improved after completing the training.

That’s because the brain can, in fact, influence your immune system and hormone systems and potentially you can start to heal problems that have perhaps become ingrained. Your internal and external language can shape the structure and function of the brain. From my perspective as a clinician, if you can afford it and if I know it’s not going to do you any harm, and if it makes your experience of the disease more manageable and more positive, then that is a benefit I would like you to have. I don’t like withholding things that work.”

Article on Stuff:
Click here to read - The Lightning Process: Can this controversial programme cure chronic illness? Fiona Fraser, May 09 2021.

The following peak bodies and organisations recognise that the training we offer is of a high quality, evidence based and relevant for their members CPD.

Your Presenter

Jenny Oliver

I teach in the field of psychoneuroimmunology – I know it’s a mouthful to say!
After life changing events in my family, I left fulltime teaching in a secondary school to train chronically ill and stuck people in the Lightning Process® training (LP). 

I have always loved all things brain – from designing the successful children’s Spring® brain, mind, body programme to teaching those with special needs and neuro divergence. To me, every day brings hope, change and vitality back to those who need to know HOW to use their brains to heal their bodies. 

Having completed a full teacher’s practicing certificate, a Batchelors degree in Education and a Masters in Coaching, NLP and Anatomy Physiology from the Phil Parker Training Institute in London, I am an educator, known for my innovative teaching and coaching style, and recognising the potential and possibilities within everyone.

I run workshops across New Zealand and online, and I am passionate about delivering talks on this important topic to a wide variety of institutions and groups. One of the things I love about this training is that the Lightning Process® can be applied into a wide range of programmes and applications - for example: children, parents, teenagers, and women’s health issues.

In my spare time you’ll find me spending time with my family and climbing up any mountain I can find.

The transformation of a Monarch butterfly from chrysalis to being full emerged within a short period of time embodies the philosophy of the Lightning Process®  - enabling the recipient of the training to ‘take flight’ and be ready to face the world with a new-found understanding of themselves and empowerment. 

Visit Jenny's MonarchLife website

Date & Location

Contact us for dates and details

13 Golf Road, Epsom, Auckland, 1023
Jenny welcomes you to this beautiful residential home environment.

On street parking available.

Workshop times - 9am - 3.30pm
Registration with Welcome tea & coffee from 8.30am

*Catering: Please Note - Morning and Afternoon tea and a light lunch are included.

Further Details

Resources will be emailed to participants prior to the workshop. In line with our sustainability objectives, speaker presentations will not be distributed in hard copy, however attendees are invited to print them off and bring these with them or download them to any device they plan to take on the day.

Commitment to Access and Equity
We are committed to access and equity and endeavour to meet the needs of all delegates. Please contact Faye - faye@grow.co.nz / 027 607 3000 if you require special assistance. In order to assist us in understanding delegate needs, please advise your access requirements as early as possible. Request at late notice may not be able to be met.


2023 - One-Day Auckland Workshop
$750.00 inc GST

Maximum group of 10 participants. The price stated is per person. 

NOTE: The price of this training takes into account the presenter's ability to work with each individual and their goals for the day on a far more one-on-one basis, than at larger training events. It focuses on the personalised application of the Lightning Process® principles for each attendee, and provides practical tools and strategies for sustained change.

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