About Zero Suicide

Zero Suicide, an international movement with a commitment to suicide prevention in health and behavourial health care systems, has called upon and joined together suicide prevention experts from across the globe to research, evaluate and share prevention successes. The result is continuous improvement and dissemination of tools and instructions for health care professionals, equipping them for effective and caring interactions with those experiencing the despair of suicidal thoughts. The movement is based upon a foundational belief that suicide deaths are preventable.

What Zero Suicide does not mean
Zero Suicide is NOT a zero tolerance approach. Clinical professionals often carry a heavy burden related to suicide, and the Zero Suicide movement is intended to empower them in their efforts to aid others, not to shame them or increase their loads. Similarly, the Zero Suicide movement exists to support those experiencing suicidal thoughts, freeing them from the shame and stigma that surrounds suicide and giving them voice, while helping them find purpose in life.

Rediscovering hope
Zero Suicide reflects a commitment by healthcare leaders to strive to make suicide a “never” event, so that not one person dies alone and in despair. To achieve this goal, a culture must be cultivated where caring, confident and competent staff are supported to continuously improve and learn together. Patients are encouraged to rediscover hope and find ways to survive (and thrive) so that they can reengage with–and contribute to–the communities in which they work, play and live.
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