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TAURANGA 25 September
TAURANGA 26 November  (original date was 1 April 2020)


Remembering, surrendering – the kindest part, the coolest dream of all my heart.

People can feel stuck for a number of reasons. The FACT model is a therapy where clients focus on accepting the feelings for what they are, and committing to making a change they can realistically make, and that will enable them to move on and passed this feeling of being 'stuck', to living a more thriving life again.

FACT is a model of brief therapy that is a highly condensed version of a well-established longer-term treatment called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (Strosahl et al 2012) and can work well for people wanting to get 'unstuck'. 

FACT uses acceptance and mindfulness strategies to help people transform their relationship with unwanted, distressing experiences, such as disturbing thoughts, unpleasant emotions, painful memories, or uncomfortable physical symptoms and the impact these experiences have on their current life. 

FACT does not attempt to change the content of such private events; indeed it is efforts to change, suppress, eliminate, or control these events that FACT views as problematic-the attempts to make those changes becomes the problem in terms of anxiety and low mood. When people become preoccupied with managing these uncomfortable experiences they cannot attend to the immediate needs of their life situation. In effect they can become rigid, ineffective problem solvers. 

FACT teaches clients to instead simply observe and accept them to see emotions as just emotions, memories as just memories, thoughts as just thoughts, and sensations as just sensations. This has proven to be a successful pathway for people to be able to move on, and take up an active part in their own life again.

FACT is a model worth considering for clients with anxiety and depression disorders and those clients who struggle with negative thinking and who are prone to ruminating on their difficulties might also be excellent candidates for FACT.

Big Results from Brief Consultations: This version of FACT has been developed primarily for use in primary care settings, however it can be used in any high volume, time limited consultation settings. 

Learning Outcomes - What it provides for clients

This program is based on the principle of accepting what is out of one's personal control while committing to action to enrich their life and make it more meaningful. It aims for individuals to learn to handle painful thoughts and feelings in such a way to have less impact and influence (mindfulness skills), and to clarify what is truly important and meaningful (clarify values). It teaches participants to use this knowledge to guide, inspire and motivate themselves to set goals and take action that enriches their life.

Who Should Attend

This 6 hour Face - to Face workshop is suitable for counsellors, social workers, nurses, clinical psychologists, GP's, case workers, clinicians, and others focused on helping their clients address issues like anxiety, depression, stress and get on with life.

Please note: Health and Safety guidelines will be followed to ensure everyone's safety.

The FACT workshops are worth 20 points/6.5 hours CPD

This workshop has also been endorsed by The Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners (RNZCGP) and has been approved for up to 5.25 CME credits for the General Practice Educational Programme (GPEP) and Continuing Professional Development (CPD).


“I had an appointment today with a lady wanting to stop smoking. I used "the work, love, play worksheet" on her and it was a complete success. Through this worksheet I discovered that her issue wasn’t with the behaviour of smoking, but with all other aspects of her life. She marked low on all aspects and she opened up A LOT! By the end of it she set some tasks for herself and we will review this next week. What took her back was the fact that I was a Stop Smoking coach, but providing “counselling” for her, which she found extremely helpful. Although that wasn’t my intention it was her first time opening up to someone about it.“
Christchurch Attendee

“The FACT workshop was excellent. Presented in an informative way which allowed time for participant interaction and role plays. I particularly liked the work/love/play worksheet and killer narratives. So many new skills learned that I could take away and work with, which is rare for just a one day workshop. Bruce Arroll is an excellent presenter who kept everyone engaged all day. I would highly recommend attending his course and look forward to more of his workshops in the future.”
Jane, Auckland PHO, March 2019

"I had been to one of Bruce's FACT lectures at the Goodfellow Symposium in Auckland and wanted to learn more about FACT. Bruce is passionate about what he does and very inspiring and this makes the study day particularly enjoyable. There were a few GPs but mostly Clinical Psychologists and counsellors at the study day I attended. It was really useful doing lots of role playing to practice some of the skills we were taught during the day. I sat next to a Clinical Psychologist and learnt a lot from her about how she related to patients which was an added bonus for me. I was able to start using the skills I learnt the next day at my practice and have been using them ever since with good feedback from patients. I highly recommend the study day and would like to do another one!"
Dr Rose Dodd, GP, Wellington 

About the presenter:

Bruce Arroll

Bruce is a Professor of General Practice and Primary Health Care at the University of Auckland New Zealand and a practising GP at Greenstone Family Clinic in Manurewa in South Auckland. He does regular general practice at that clinic and also does special consultations using Focused Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (FACT) for people who are feeling stuck in their lives by stress, pain or low energy. He does this work with his own patients and those referred from his clinic colleagues as well as for people outside of the clinic.

Dr Sophie Ball will co-facilitate some workshops in the North Island

Dr Sophie Ball, GP, has worked in South Auckland for most of the last decade since moving from the UK. For over 5years she has been Primary Care Mental Health Clinical Lead for Counties Manukau DHB working closely with GPs, practice nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists and other mental health and addictions workforce in community and hospital settings. This work has involved consultation with community, design of a mental health model of care and education for nurses and doctors.  Sophie is passionate about maximising every minute in mental health consultations in primary care, and presented on this topic at Goodfellow Symposium 2019.

Chelsea Willmott will co-facilitate some workshops in the South Island

Chelsea Willmott's clinical background is in emergency and trauma and rural primary health care. She is based in Central Otago where she is currently completing a Nurse Practitioner Internship, works as a nurse educator, is a locum PRIME practitioner and Focused Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (FACT) trainer. Chelsea also works for Dunedin’s school of Nursing as a lecturer and course coordinator. Her academic research is centred on improving the culture in healthcare, changing intra-professional and workplace dynamics, the relationships between Doctors and Nurses as well as Horizontal Violence in healthcare. She has worked clinically in the USA, UK, and Australia and has a passion for looking outside the square to improve healthcare for patients and colleagues. 

Dates & Locations:


Friday 25 September

TAURANGA 26 November (original date was 1 April 2020)

Clinical School Education Centre
889 Cameron Road, Gate Pa, Tauranga

QUEENSTOWN postponed - new date pending

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