Friday 26 October 2018

8.30am: Registration

9.00am: Welcome and introduction

9.10am: Keynote: ‘Chasing Nirvana – Creating Awesome, Engaged and Resilient Working Cultures’ - James McCulloch, Inspire Group

  • How organisations can build empowered teams
  • Using compassion, respect and diversity to make it a great place to work
  • Embedding practices that strengthen a positive culture
  • Nurturing the radicals and non-conformists

9.50am: Keynote: ‘Transformation, Resilience and Survival’ - Wayne Neal, Business Energetics

  • Why organisations need to think differently about career lifecycles and their structure / culture to secure the long-term survival. 
  • AI and the future.
  • How can we support fresh thinking about vitality, skills, social networks and personal transformation to meet changing workplace needs?
  • Keys to driving the success of wellbeing strategies and support transformation.
  • The science of stress and its impact on human performance from the fields of neurophysiology, psychology and exercise physiology.

10.30am: Networking and morning tea

11.00am: Case Study: Farmstrong – How is this building the rural workplaces resilience? - Shaun Robinson, Mental Health Foundation

  • Lessons for promoting workplace wellbeing

11.40am: Presentation and round-table discussions: Integrating a pro-active approach to mental health: creating processes to identify those at risk - Aaron McIntosh, Mcintosh & Co

  • Building a mental health and wellbeing strategy
  • What resources support the strategy
  • What training should leaders have to identify and support colleagues
  • Educating your team about mental health initiatives that they can take.

12.20pm Lunch & Networking

1.00pm Keynote: ‘Terrorists Within – How workplace bullying is impacting your teams' performance and impacting your teams' lives’ - Suzanne Henwood, mBraining4Success and The Healthy Workplace

  • Is bullying happening in NZ workplaces?
  • What are the warning signs? Why is it happening?
  • How does this relate to Psychological Safety at work?
  • How well are we handling it when it does occur?
  • Exploring strategies and action steps that communicate a healthier culture in to the future.

1.40pm Team Exercise: Super-heroes and Kryptonite – unleashing neuro diversity in our workplaces - Aaron Hodder, Assurity

  • How do we create workplaces that value and capitalise neuro diversity?
  • Building understanding of the differences within people
  • Creating a team of super-heroes

2.20pm Panel Discussion: Overcoming Derision – A Plan of Action
Panel: Wayne Neal, Aaron McIntosh, Suzanne Henwood, Aaron Hodder

  • What does it take to build and maintain employee confidence to share how they are doing?
  • How do we do it differently?
  • Promoting empathy and kindness organisation-wise without giving away all control.
  • Developing a culture that listens and seeks to understand.

 3.00pm Closing Remarks

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