James McCulloch

James is Director of Leadership at Inspire Group, an award winning international learning design company founded in New Zealand and now operating globally.  He has extensive senior leadership experience in the public, private and non-profit sectors.  As a CEO, he has led organisations in the UK and New Zealand, and was formerly the head of parks and community for the City of London.

James has seen first-hand that one of the biggest influences on our health, happiness and wellbeing is where most of us will spend around 10,000 days of our lives: work. And what has the biggest impact on the quality of that experience? The leadership we experience, and practice.

But what is great leadership? Why is it so complicated? And why does the leadership development 'industry' often do such a poor job of developing great leaders? 

Drawing on his own global leadership journey, research and stories, and Inspire’s award winning track record, James advocates for a simpler approach- and explains why focusing on being, and not doing, is what really makes a difference.

James has a passion for the non-profit sector, and maintains this through his current trustee and Chair roles at Skylight NZ.

Shaun Robinson

Shaun is currently the CEO for the Mental Health Foundation and has worked in social and health services for over 30 years. With degrees in business and community work, he has held four other CEO positions in not-for-profit organisations, addressing issues from care and protection to HIV and AIDS. 

He has also been a management consultant to public hospitals, developed a successful training business and been a policy advisor to former NZ Prime Minister Helen Clark. Shaun has served on commercial and not-for-profit boards and on a range of government working parties and advisory groups. Shaun says it’s a privilege to contribute to the mental wellbeing of New Zealanders, and to the flourishing of our diverse communities. 

Shaun is a father, partner, musician, gardener, sometimes surfer and organisational leader. 

His professional passion is developing organisations into high performers in the delivery of social good and social change.

Wayne Neal

Wayne, Director of Business Energetics, left his position as GM of a leading global company to establish his own business. Today he’s helping corporate teams, SMEs and individuals achieve a peak performance mindset through the science of HeartMath.

Wayne will be sharing some leading-edge science around Resilience and Stress Strategies, demonstrating a couple of techniques that are so simple that pre-school children can apply them, and yet so powerful and functional that Navy Seals are trained extensively with these techniques.
You’ll leave this forum empowered knowing that you can apply these techniques immediately and gain the benefits of reduced stress and increased performance.

Aaron McIntosh

Aaron is an HR and Health, Safety & Wellbeing practitioner with more than 20 years experience working in the People space of organisations in a number of industries and business ownership models. He has a Bachelor of Business Studies majoring in Human Resources and is a Professional Associate – Human Resources with the Association of People Professionals. 

Aaron currently consults as a People Concierge helping clients to improve their people practices and drive the success of their business. He enjoys moving in the space of transformational HR – the success of HR is tied to its ability to be diverse. 

With his extensive experience with Health, Safety & Wellbeing, he has designed and run Health & Safety management systems, and sees HR and Health, Safety & Wellbeing working together to be a key driver of a productive business culture. Employee wellbeing is important to ensure you have an employee at their best when they are at work.  He has recently completed projects around managing bullying and harassment and mental health in the work place.

Dr Suzanne Henwood

Suzanne started her working life in healthcare – moving from being a practitioner, to educator and to Associate Professor.  She has 31 years experience of teaching and training at an advanced level and is trained in NLP(coach and trainer), Mindfulness, Map of Meaning, Refocusing, ACT, Psych K+ and she is an mBIT Master Coach and Master Trainer – one of only two people in the world to hold both titles.
Suzanne will be exploring the reality of bullying in the workplace and opening up discussion around best practice and how we can ensure psychological safety for staff at all levels.

Aaron Hodder

Aaron works for Assurity Consulting as a software testing coach and service lead. In his role, he supports software testers and their development teams by improving the systems people are working in, developing their craft, and promoting safe working environments.

Aaron has a particular interest in mental diversity, and is a contributor and mobiliser in the Inclusive Collaboration Campaign which aims to celebrate and nurture neurodiversity in the workplace.

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