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NFP Digital Transformation Conference 2019

The communities that we work within are changing quickly. The nature of their need and how we need to support them is dynamic. Remaining relevant requires us to improve our organisations agility to continue serving the needs and aspirations of our clients. Technology is a tool with the potential build capability and services....

Improving the capability uplift of an organisation requires new ways of working, innovation and new technology. In other words Digital Transformation.

Unfortunately, 80% of digital transformation projects which take a technology-first approach fail. The event will therefore not only look at technology initiatives, but also how your organisation can build sustainable capabilities to realise your digital transformation objectives.

The NFP Digital Transformation Conference will bring leaders from a variety of sectors together to identify opportunities to develop digital capabilities for better customer service, engagement and delivery.

7 key themes of the NFP Digital Transformation Conference

  1. Change Management & Digital Transformation
  2. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  3. Emerging Technology
  4. Moving to the Cloud
  5. Data Innovators
  6. Cyber Resilience & Data Protection
  7. Customer Experience & Service Design

Why Attend:

  • Create change capability and a culture that embraces the new digital era
  • Learn how to deploy Artificial Intelligence in your organisation and utilise it to it's full potential
  • Understand how the Internet of Things can create seamless interactions in your organisation for integrated service delivery
  • Utilise Blockchain for secure, open and transparent communication and exchange of information
  • Better ensure data security whilst transitioning to the cloud
  • Find out how to employ Machine Learning for better business outcomes
  • Build resilience to high impact cyber threats
  • Build DevOps and agile capabilities
  • Utilise data and analytics for better customer experience insight
  • Create a business model that looks at employing the right digital strategy in your organisation.

Who Should Attend:

Chief Information Officers, Chief Technology Officers, Leaders of Digital Strategy & Delivery, Heads of Customer/User Experience, Business Transformation Leaders, Chief Innovation Officers, Chief Executive Officers, Operations Managers from Health Sectors, Education Sectors, Social Service Sectors, Justice Sectors.