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Sex Ed By Porn?

Supporting young people in an age of pornography

Gain skills to assist young people whose sexual understandings have been distorted by pornography


Masterton – Monday, 31 July 2017
Hawke’s Bay – Tuesday, 1 August 2017
South Auckland – Friday, 4 August 2017

Over the past decade or so, pornography has become both more mainstream and more hardcore. For young people growing up in this era of ever-new and accessible technology it is almost impossible to avoid exposure to pornography. The classroom or parent talk is now no match for porn – with its endless array of gyrating bodies, offering a quick, easy and anonymous sexual charge. Porn has become the default sexuality educator for young people growing up online. Consumption – particularly for young men – has become normalized.  And the ways young people understand and experience gender and sex are being influenced by what they – or their partners or peers – observe in porn, with serious implications for their capacity to negotiate free and full consent, for mutual respect, for sexual health, and for gender equality.

This workshop will help you understand how pornography is shaping young people’s sexual expectations and experiences and give you tools to help equip young people for a sexuality that is safe, respectful and fully consenting.

This training is led by Maree Crabbe, whose work on pornography, together with her colleague, David Corlett, includes conducting over 140 interviews with young people, academics, professionals who work with young people, performers, producers, directors, executives and agents from the pornography industry in Hungary and the US.

Who Should Attend?

If you work with young people you will benefit from this workshop.

Maree provides training for teachers, youth workers, counselors, police and people working in fields such as health promotion, youth justice, sexual assault and family violence. The training assists participants to develop their understanding of how easily accessible pornography is influencing young people’s sexual expectations and behaviour. It builds participants’ confidence and skills to address these issues with young people, and provides an introduction to resources available to support this work.

Maree presented this workshop in a sell-out series across New Zealand in May, and also in November last year. If you attended one of her previous workshops, please tell your colleagues and friends that Maree is back to continue work in this important space.

Delegates from previous workshops have reported:

“Extremely relevant content for all who work to support youth mental and personal health and well being.”

“So helpful and absolutely worth attending. I am looking forward to taking today’s learning’s back into my community.”

“Do MORE – everywhere to everyone. This is essential for all our futures, Thank you.”

“Thought provoking, insightful, sobering and motivating.”

“Maree- thanks for enthusiasm and passion for this work. You have some great ideas for raising the issues with a variety of audiences and people.”

“This was the best workshop I’ve ever attended!!”

“Excellent content and presenter, this has given me a desire to push further with this topic.”

“Frank and enlightening, while still respecting other people’s boundaries.”

“Beautifully blunt”


Maree Crabbe

Maree Crabbe coordinates the community education project Reality & Risk: Pornography, young people and sexuality. She is Co-Producer and Co-Director of the broadcast documentary films Love and Sex in an Age of Pornography and The Porn Factor, and author of In The Picture – a whole school resource to assist secondary schools to address the influence of explicit sexual imagery.

Maree has worked with young people – and on issues affecting young people – for over 20 years. She has developed and delivered programs focusing on sexual violence prevention, sexual diversity, pornography, and prevention of sexually transmissible infections. Maree’s articles on young people, sexuality and pornography have been published in online and print media.

For more information about Maree’s work on the Reality & Risk project, see It’s time we talked


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