Stimulating your Inner Calm: working to restore your inner balance in chaotic times
Stimulating your Inner Calm: working to restore your inner balance in chaotic times

Online workshop

Thursday 28 May, 9am - 12 noon

Stimulating your inner calm: working to restore your inner balance in chaotic times

In challenging times, it is important to firstly be aware of how your body is responding to stress, and then to have tools to manage your stress response physiologically, as well as knowing how to re-energise yourself when life has depleted you in some way.  The key is to be able to recognise when you have moved away from balance and then be able to bring yourself back to a physiological balance easily and the great news is – we can learn how to do this really easily.

This workshop will explore:

  • The keys to Neuroception – being able to recognise where your body is at in any moment in time with regards to how you are responding to stress
  • The concepts of depletion and renewal – to recognise what saps your energy and what refuels it
  • The basis of understanding your autonomic reactivity – do you respond with fight? flight?  freeze?  Recognising your own pattern will increase your self awareness of how you respond under stress – which is the first step to being able to change that response.
  • Practical tips for stimulating the Parasympathetic Nervous System (in particular the Vagus Nerve) – which brings rest and repair to the body and brings your system back to balance

Who should attend

Anyone who feels they need more energy and wants to understand their natural reaction to stress in order to manage the stress in their life better.

About Dr. Suzanne Henwood, Stress and Anxiety Coach

Suzanne started her working life in healthcare – moving from being a practitioner, to educator and to Associate Professor. She has 30 years’ experience of teaching and training at an advanced level and is an NLP Coach and Trainer, a Mindfulness Facilitator, a Map of Meaning facilitator and an mBIT Master Coach and Master Trainer – one of only two people in the world to hold both titles (outside one of the developers of mBraining).

She is also trained in ACT, Solution Focused Brief Therapy for severe stress and anxiety and Refocussing Counselling. 

Suzanne delivered a Keynote at the recently held National NFP Sector Conference and received huge appreciation. Due to circumstances, she only had 1 afternoon to prepare - she delivered like the pro she is. 

What others says about Suzanne

"Great communicator – funny, light and full of knowledge", participant at Community Waitakere Event.

"Suzanne Henwood is an amazing women who possess so much knowledge, compassion and wisdom

"This course was truly amazing Suzanne Henwood was an exceptional trainer

"The training was terrific and Suzanne a passionate and talented instructor 

"Suzanne is an amazing trainer and delivered a fabulous training program, I could not fault her, she has an amazing presence and is very engaging",  from TLCC, Australia .

Date & Location

Thursday 28 May, 9am - 12noon

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3-hour Workshop

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