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Practical Stress Management

Real life techniques for handling complexity at work. A practical workshop with Dr Suzanne Henwood

17 May 2017 – Auckland

Are you feeling overwhelmed in your work place? Do you ever feel stressed, as if you cannot cope? Have you lost your satisfaction in, and passion for your role?

You are not alone.

Stress is a massive issue worldwide which is costing organisations millions of dollars and having huge health impacts on people – (people like you and me). Well … it used to.

Driven by a need to manage work place stress in her own life, and a deep passion to help others find practical ways to manage their stress, in this workshop Suzanne shares some of the theoretical underpinning behind stress, including the very latest applied neuroscience (mBraining), so that you can understand stress (that it is not always a bad thing!), and understand its impacts.

Also, so that you can recognize it early (in you and others) before it has physiological effects. You will also explore a range of easy to use, practical techniques, that you can put into action in real life work settings, to reduce your stress noticeably.

These small, interactive workshops are ideal for individuals wanting skills on how to understand and manage stress for themselves, as well as for managers wanting to help their staff.

After the success of the last years series of workshops, Suzanne is back to present this workshop in Auckland and Wellington.

Delegates from her previous workshops have said;

“Suzanne has a way of making complicated subjects easy to understand – such a fantastic trainer”

“I was amazed how fast the time flew by – I could have sat and listened to Suzanne all day”

“such an inspiration – I left feeling ready to take action again”

“New strategies and new idea’s, this is the best workshop I have been to in ages”.

“Suzanne is an excellent presenter who really knows her topic. She relayed the information and new strategies in a way that we could all relate to. It made for an awesome learning experience. Thank you.”

One day workshop

The one day workshop will cover the following topics:

  • What is stress and why is it something important to understand?
  • How can applied neuroscience assist with stress management?
  • Practical Skills – filling up your stress management toolbox
  • Making it Personal – working to reduce a real area of stress in your own life

Dr. Suzanne Henwood

Dr. Suzanne Henwood is the Director of ‘mBraining4Success’, a company dedicated to teaching people how to use their multiple intelligences in leading, coaching and managing.

She is a health care professional by background, working for over 20 years in development, education and research to improve health service delivery. Her PhD explored professional development and the impact on practice.

She is a qualified mBIT master coach, an academic and has authored numerous books and articles, with a particular interest in communication, leadership and personal and professional development to improve and transform practice, and supporting people to operate from a place of excellence.


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