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Thriving @ Work In Disruptive Times

Wednesday, 27 September 2017 – Auckland

Real Strategies For Enabling Staff To Excel At Work

Strategies for regulating your own, and your staffs’, stress to optimise performance.

Did you know?

  • Current employee engagement figures are as low as 25%.
  • In one study, 80% of workers said they felt stressed at work.
  • That in New York and other major cities in the USA, if a policeman has a heart attack (on or off the job), it is assumed to be a job-related injury and they are compensated accordingly.
  • According to the American Institute of Stress, “75-90% of doctor visits are related to stress, and the primary cause is work-related…”
  • The new H&S Act 2015 – Primary Duty of Care states that you are, as far as reasonably practical, responsible for the psychological work environment, including overcrowding, deadlines, work arrangements… and impairments that affect a person’s behaviour, such as work-related stress and fatigue…
  • The link between stress and poor health outcomes is now well established, and a recent article in Huffington Post declared stress to be the “epidemic of the 21st century.”

It is time to STOP and TAKE ACTION.

People at work lead busy lives. We can get caught up in overwhelm, competing priorities and challenging situations and as we are all facing a faster pace and more extensive change period than at any point in human history — we need to find new ways to lead, and do work if we are going to not only survive, but excel in what we do.

Thriving @ Work focuses on practical strategies for eliminating unhelpful stress in the workplace.

From Dr Suzanne Henwood, Director of MBraining 4 Success and The Healthy Workplace, accompanied by Wayne Neal, Director of Business Energetics, both of whom who specialise in different areas of stress management and leadership, you will learn to improve your ability to thrive@work to optimize performance.

“For the sake of both human health, and business productivity, we need businesses to actively support people in their effort to reduce stress, and find a healthy ‘balance’ in their lives”. Soleil, 2017

Who should attend:

This workshop is for anyone who wants to thrive more at work, and will be especially useful for managers, team leaders, or anyone who recognises they need to do more to take good care of themselves in relation to stress.

What you will learn:

You will gain insight into a range of leading-edge practical solutions to use in the workplace to reduce the negative aspects of stress that can be so detrimental to health and wellbeing.
It includes learning about, and the practical aspects of:

  • Health and Well Being
  • Heartmath – resilience and stress strategies
  • mBraining – using your multiple intelligences to align your success
  • Positive Psychology
  • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
  • Applied Neuroscience
  • Mindfulness

Note: The content of this event is different to the workshop Practical Stress Management by Dr Suzanne Henwood.


Wayne Neal

Director of Business Energetics

Dr Suzanne Henwood

Director of The Healthy Workplace

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