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Most businesses need a website these days. Some need it to sell their products or services online, others need a presence so their (potential) customers can find out about them. Get a feel for what they are about, what they do and why they do it. Basically, to tell their story. 

There are a few things to consider when you decide you need a website. Like your domain name, the hosting, who will build it and who will maintain it (you or someone else), what platform is the best to use, do you link your emails to it or not, how much is this going to cost us, etc. 

We believe that our clients want clear, transparent solutions that are reliable and supported by real people when needed. That is why we made the decision to build and host all our websites on the Rocketspark platform from 2018. The Rocketspark solution combines an easy to use website builder and hosting with support. 

In our opinion it is packed with great design functionality and features that satisfy the needs of 90% of our clients. After we have designed your website it's easy for you to do edit/updates yourself. There is also an 0800 support line to a friendly NZ based Rocketspark team.

Other important points that are sorted by Rocketspark:

  • They store the files for your website.
  • They ensure the website is working and live.
  • Files for your website are backed up.
  • They manage traffic management of visitors to your website.
  • Rocketspark ensures your SSL certificate is current - this so important these days and many hosts charge extra for this. This tells your visitors that your website is secure and safe (monitored by their website browser). It will also help with Google search results.
  • Rocketspark helps your site's Search Engine Optimisation.
  • Rocketspark are committed to improving the platform to take advantage of new trends and technology because they have more than 2500 websites on the platform globally. 
  • The Rocketspark platform is "Fully responsive" meaning the website looks great regardless if the visitor is viewing the site on a tablet, mobile phone, desktop or whatever screen size.

We like the fact that these technical upgrades are automatic and included in your monthly sub ensuring that your website platform will always be up-to-date and stable. There's no need to pay an expensive developer to do this….. meaning that you can use your marketing dollars elsewhere.

Talk to us today about a Rocketspark solution for your website.