The straight talking un-PC Guide to working with Suicidal Youth.

Imagine, you are in your office. Other staff bring in a student with casts on both arms, hospitalised earlier in the week after a serious suicide attempt. His parents are with him. They are distraught. The student is glaring at you, swearing, yelling that all professionals are useless, and we just need to let him die. He has intent, an immediate plan, and determination.

Francis Jamieson, private practice Psychotherapist/Supervisor/Professional trainer, HOD Counsellor East Auckland School and author of "A Practical Guide to Working with Suicidal Youth, A New Zealand Perspective" 2013 presents a one-day workshop which will demonstrate the power of potent relationship building and the importance of this in keeping our suicidal tamariki safe and alive. An in-vivo role play will model style/interventions and strategies that promote the vital connection that is needed to change the minds of those determined to die by suicide - to seeing the point of living.

The workshop aims to model experiential psychotherapeutic techniques that can pull young people back from the brink. It focuses on what you as a therapist can do and how you can make the difference.

Your course fee includes a free PDF copy of the book  "A Practical Guide to Working with Suicidal Youth, A New Zealand Perspective"  F. Jamieson. 2013.

Learning Outcomes

The key concepts explored include:

  • Connection, the importance of relationship, transparency, honesty, vitality, touching the soul, intuition, spirituality, keeping it real, humour, and keeping self-care simple.
  • Aspects of teenage development, and in particular dysfunction, which may influence suicidal thinking.
  • Why so many New Zealand youth contemplate ending their lives - the three areas being; the meta-level, common issues faced, and potential triggers are explored. From the issues discussed, the workshop also highlights possible thought changing conversations people can have to promote new positive pro-life thinking.

There will be time for questions, and debate, and should time allow, difficult scenarios may also be offered in the form of role-play

The Practical Guide to working with Suicidal Youth workshop is worth 20 points/6.5 hours CPD

We are taking Expressions of Interest in this workshop being held in other locations.
Please contact us if you are interested in attending in another region.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is useful for both health and education professionals and others who are faced with needing to support those at serious risk of suicide. Front-line staff working with youth in schools, social services, health, and law enforcement including:

  • Teachers, School Counsellors, RTLB Teachers, School Nurses
  • Licensed Practicing Counsellors, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Psychotherapists, Mental Health Nurses, Therapists, Family Therapists
  • General Practitioners, Case Workers, Social Workers, and Youth Workers
  • Emergency Room staff
  • Police and Probation Officers
  • Key Workers, Unit Managers
  • Telephone Helpline staff
  • Volunteers, and those who are supporting whanau who are suicidal.

Francis Jamieson

Francis Jamieson, (Bachelor of Arts, Certificate of Proficiency in Teaching People with Special Needs (Applied Behavioural Analysis based), Graduate Diploma Psychotherapy, Advanced Supervision Training), has worked in mental health for the last 37 years.

His journey started with working for the IHC and after completing his BA and CPTIH, he became a Consultant for people with Special Needs.

After counselling many caregivers in this capacity, he studied Applied Psychotherapy at AUT and  managed/facilitated the Man Alive Adolescent Programme for Youth at Risk in West Auckland. 

He has worked as a family therapist and has a small private practice where he offers supervision for counsellors and psychotherapists, and trains other health professionals in working with clients with ADHD, Working with Trauma, and Suicidal Thinking. He also offers workshops for parent groups, and other interested parties, and has worked as a private consultant both for institutions and in private homes, training/supporting staff/people with clients experiencing extreme behavioural challenges.

His workshops have been described as empowering, educational, challenging, confronting, entertaining, authentic, informative, and practice changing.

They are based on personal/professional experience – his.

Date & Location

15 September 2020  (was 18 August)

Te Papa, Ngā Wāhi Ākonga
Moa Room
20 Upper Main Drive

Access to Upper Main Drive is via Raiha Street, Porirua (Lower Main Drive is currently blocked off)

Flat drive-on access, with free carparking directly outside the venue.

Workshops run 9.00am - 3.30pm, with registration and Welcome tea & coffee from 8.30am.

We are taking Expressions of Interest in this workshop being held in other locations.
Please contact us if you are interested in attending in another region.


“Francis is a vitalising presenter who educates, entertains and enskills in his presentations. His deep knowing of suicide and youth makes him an important contributor to the awareness and skills required in this important work.” 
Warwick Pudney. Lecturer, Counsellor, Writer, Creator of Man Alive, Social Change Activist.

Amazon reviews on Francis's Book: "A Practical Guide to working with Suicidal Youth, A New Zealand Perspective."

“This was a very insightful read. Frank, honest, and totally accessible. It takes a lot of the “mystery” of therapy away and gives a refreshing window into what can be achieved. I hope to see more of this author in the future.”
- Nigel

“This short book is packed full of practical ideas based on a well thought out and well tested rationale all backed up by enthralling and often tear jerking real stories. It is written in such an accessible language and is such a pleasant departure from the wooden style of many clinical books. This book could have an impact well beyond the shores of New Zealand.”
- MM Chamberlin, Youth Worker. 

YOUR COURSE FEE INCLUDES A FREE COPY OF THE BOOK - One week prior to the event you will be emailed a PDF copy of the book "A Practical Guide to Working with Suicidal Youth, A New Zealand Perspective"  F. Jamieson. 2013 as pre-reading for the workshop.

Price & Registration

One Day Workshop
Standard Price - $275.00 + GST

If you are sending 3 or more delegates, please email us for a discounted rate.

Please Note: If you are MHAID service staff with either Capital & Coast DHB, or HV DHB please contact as your registration will be paid via Invoice.

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Further Details

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