Positive Mindset for Positive Impact

Positive Mindset for Positive Impact

Online 3 Hour Workshop

Wednesday 2 September 9.30am - 12.30pm

Positive Mindset for Positive Impact

The success of any organisation is fully dependent on the ability of the people in it to thrive, flourish and perform at their best. However, it’s all too easy to be swamped by feelings of uncertainty, imposter syndrome, stress and anxiety.

In this three hour, high energy and very interactive workshop, explore how your mindset is critical for you to achieve the levels of positive change and impact that you want to make.

You will explore:

  • Your purpose: re-connect and understand fully WHY are you doing what you are doing.
  • How limiting beliefs are stopping you from creating maximum impact – particularly when it comes to selling and marketing yourself or your organisation.
  • Internal mental belief alignment, and why it is critical for you to flourish.
  • How the lizard brain keeps us locked in fear and stress (and how to fix that!)
  • Ideas of how to ensure we maintain higher levels of happiness and wellbeing.
  • How luck, growth mindset and high performance are interlinked.
  • Techniques for ensuring you consistently operate at peak mental performance levels.
  • Ideas on how to pick yourself up and keep going in testing times.

Who should attend

If you find yourself doubting your own (and others) abilities, register now. If you find yourself a bit lost in the chaos, register now.

About Tim Jones - the Grow Good Guy

Tim Jones is The Grow Good Guy. He’s a specialist trainer and coach who helps people and organisations define their big-picture purpose and grow positive change in the world. 

His business is one of the founding B Corps in New Zealand and he’s also the B Corp Ambassador for New Zealand.

He has worked as a General Manager for Kilmarnock Enterprises, Head of Sales for CoGo and has run hugely successful training events for organisations such as Meridian Energy.

Tim has hosted a FREE online webinar on Connecting to Your Purpose - watch the replay on our Facebook Page page.

Feedback from past participants

10/10 – “It’s been excellent.”

10/10 – “Great speaker, excellent communication.”

10/10 – “If someone needs a boost and reframe of mindset.”

9/10 – “Informative and engaging.”

Average score by attendees is 9/10

Date & Location

Wednesday 2 September, 9.30am - 12.30pm

Once you register, you will be sent the link and password for a Zoom meeting.

​Price & Registration

3-hour Online Workshop
We appreciate situations have changed, and we give you the option to pay:
Recommended: $150 + GST or 
Unfunded/Unwaged: $100 + GST
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Registration process
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What happens if you have to cancel?
Refunds are not available unless GROW cancels the workshop ahead of time. You will be sent the recording of the workshop. Training is cancellable by GROW with 3 days’ notice if a minimum number of attendees is not met.
Please note: GROW Ltd reserves the right to make any amendments that we may deem to be in the best interest of the workshop – it is however very unlikely and we will notify you as soon as possible should this occur.
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For further details, please contact:
Nathalie van Dort at nathalie@grow.co.nz
Phone: 021 066 9811