This webinar is delivered by Sanam Bagherian, Altogether Autism Specialist facilitator, (PhD)

Online delivery, 2 hour seminars

Thursday 25 February, 4 and 11 March 2021.

Effective sensory modulation is an effective intervention that is suitable in both clinical and community settings. It can help people feel calmer and less anxious and therefore reduces distress. This webinar series introduces the theory of sensory modulation, and then expands into practical strategies that are useful in everyday life across a range of settings.

It will explain:

  • How sensory modulation impacts self-regulation
  • The ways trauma impacts the brain and sensory modulation
  • The importance of sensory screening and how to do it
  • The relation between sensory, emotions, and cognition
  • The impact of sympathetic nervous system and “Hand model of the brain”
  • How to use sensory tools to create sensory modulation

This series is delivered as three 2-hour webinars and participants are highly recommended to attend all three. 

Webinar aims

Dr Bagherian draws directly from her experience and research and will cover

  1. How sensory modulation supports wellbeing
  2. Specific top-down strategies for sensory modulation with consideration of a person’s cognition, executive functioning and emotions
  3. Specific bottom-up strategies for sensory modulation including sensory screening and sensory diets. 

Who Should Attend

This workshop is ideal for clinical and allied staff, counsellors, social workers, key workers, and support workers who meet with service users in distress or tense environments.

Sensory Modulation is also a very effective skill set for teachers / educators where it is becoming common practice for schools to put a sensory corner into a room as a safe place for a child to calm down within.

Those who attend all 3 workshops, will receive 20 points/6 hours CPD


“I really enjoyed learning about the sympathetic and parasympaythetic nervous systems, and how the fight and flight response works. It was helpful to know, especially for people who have experienced trauma. It was great to know about the different ways that people calm themselves, that we all fit into one of these modes" Auckland Attendee 2019

“The practical application entwined with the theoretical evidence to support it"
Auckland Attendee 2019

"I really enjoyed the workshop. Although the audience was largely Psychologists, as an SLT I learnt a lot and definitely have some useful strategies to put into practice". Auckland Attendee 2019

"Relevant brain anatomy exercise - playdough brain bits The great story telling links/weaves the information all together into a kete that can then contain and collect more relevant understanding into it. It was completely relevant and beneficial to experience the sensory tools. We were given easy and practical concepts and strategies for using sensory interaction; we were also given the understanding of why it works - Highly valuable." Wellington Attendee 2019

"This was a fantastic workshop that gave me what I was looking for and I am sure my curiousity and appetite for sensory knowledge will grow as integrate my learnings from this workshop. I am very grateful." Wellington Attendee 2019

About the presenter:

Sanam Bagherian (Ph.D., registered clinical psychologist in Iran)

Sanam Bagherian is Autism Specialist Facilitator, has a strong interest in autism and has a Ph.D. in autism psychology which included delivering educational programmes to support parents with children on autism spectrum. Sanam has worked as a clinician and educator to support children on the spectrum and their families for several years, and more recently has worked with autistic adults. She is registered clinical psychologist in her home country of Iran and is working towards registration here in New Zealand. Sanam has published more than six studies and has presented at events such as the 5th World Congress on Positive Psychology (July, 2017).  Sanam is passionate about getting up to date in depth reliable autism information and sharing it with the autism community.


This workshop will be delivered via ZOOM, 2 hours over 3 Thursdays: 25 February, 4 and 11 March 2021, 10am - 12noon

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