Implementation Science

Breaking the tyranny of pilots that go nowhere

?? March/April from 6.00 - 8.00 pm
?? venue, Wellington

We can relate to being involved in pilots that go nowhere. They start with enthusiasm, but this often does not translate to spread and scale. We will start this workshop with debate and discussion on why this occurs. We will then present the evidence on how to successfully set up a process of implementation to maximise the likelihood of success. We will draw on Synergia‚Äôs 20+ years of experience in how to implement programmes of work that get engagement, support, and lead to sustainable change. Through this workshop we will use case studies of work we have completed with our partners to highlight the key ideas. You will leave with a clear set of principles to review and guide your implementation efforts.

Learning Outcomes or who this is aimed for???

    About the presenter

    Dr Peter Carswell is a Director with Synergia. He is a practicing organisational psychologist and has worked nationally and internationally over the last 15 years in researching and supporting the effective implementation of interventions in the health and social services context. He has published widely in the field of implementation science, and will draw on this work and his practical experience to guide those attending this workshop.

    Date & Location

    ??  March/April  
    6.00pm - 8.00pm

    Further Details

    ??, March/April  2021


    Free onsite parking



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