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At GROW, we focus on working deeply with clients to achieve the outcomes sought. Our aspiration is not to be the biggest, flashiest or even busiest – we savour the opportunity to do great work with very good people.

As a result, our design and marketing work utilises positive imagery and does not come in a cookie cutter format – we just take the time to understand what you need, craft the appropriate solution with your team and execute appropriately. This typically incorporates print, advertising, web and social media solutions to reach your audience and we match the right team member to fit with your needs. We have a selection of freelancers who work with us and it is always about ‘fit’.

Our ‘Events’ are focused on the hard skills and positive messaging required to bring about meaningful changes in our community and promoting social justice. This see us often partnering with not-for-profits, government and the business community as we share a common aspiration of living in healthy and caring communities. It is not uncommon for our events to champion a position or even support and campaign for change, with recent work promoting a Zero Suicide Approach to those within care and Solutions Focused Approach to Suicide Prevention at the edgy end. We also offer event services to those who are wanting to host an event or conversation – if this interests, check out our Event Services Page.

To get us on your team, just give us a call or email and we would be delighted to explore a future working together.

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