Building Innovation Capacity

Building Innovation Capacity

Friday, 5 March

8.30am - 10.00am
FREE 90 minute Online Workshop

Wherever you are in community, sometimes it feels like we are unable to significantly impact the challenges that limit people.

In spite of the dedication and ingenuity of our carers and not-for-profit organisations, increases in government funding or even targeted messaging and education programmes - we know that new solutions are required and that the results that are urgently needed cannot and will not be found by simply making incremental changes to our current approaches. The breakthroughs we need require new approaches.

This webinar aims to support the conditions where innovation becomes an imperative to effectively address the most significant issues affecting your community. The complex nature of the most intractable issues requires the wisdom and insights from multiple sectors, working together, in order to generate measurable and lasting changes.

This is an interactive exploration of what has worked, what is working for you now and an opportunity to meet with other potential partners in your community innovation. 

The Learning Outcomes from this webinar

1. An introduction to Community Innovation and the Essential Elements for Success.
2. Focusing on Building the Right Infrastructure and Mindset
3. Fostering Community Innovation and Winning the Hearts and Minds
4. An introduction to the Tools for Change
5. Embracing an Innovation Mindset

Who is Shaun Lines?

Shaun is the founder and director of GROW - a social business based in Hawkes Bay that hosts and delivers training workshops and conference events across the ‘for-purpose sectors’ - specifically in the social services, health, mental health and corrections sectors. With qualifications and work history that spans human resources, marketing and operational roles, Shaun is mission-driven with a keen desire to support initiatives that build capacity, equity and improve the life opportunities of all New Zealanders.

Like many who have worked across community, Shaun is committed to encouraging a change agenda where more New Zealanders thrive.

Date & Location

Friday, 5 March 
8.30am - 10.00am
This is an online workshop and you will be sent the details to 'attend' this ZOOM meeting once you are registered.

Further Details

This workshop will be delivered using ZOOM. Please familiarise yourself with ZOOM, it is very easy and free to use.

Watch this video on How to Join a ZOOM meeting:

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