Mental Health Awareness Week in New Zealand has been increasing in both recognition and profile over recent years as there is a growing awareness of how mental health impacts on so many other aspects of our lives. 

In 2020 and 2021, GROW offered a series of free webinars that included international and local experts talking about various aspects of mental health, updating practitioners on trends, success stories and evolving best practice.  Following on from this success we have now finalised the 2022 programme.  

This year's topic is “Taking Care of Ourselves / Te Tiaki i a Tatou”.  Workshops run daily from 1.30pm-2.30pm so grab a cuppa and learn from our experts, for FREE. Don't worry if you can't make it, all sessions are recorded and will be available on our Youtube channel to all registrants.

We hope you enjoy them!  

The programme

We are fortunate to be working with some very inspirational people who are pleased to offer these stunning FREE webinars during Mental Health Awareness Week. 

Due to New Zealand observing a public holiday in honour of Queen Elizabeth II, we will not be holding a session on Monday 26 September, instead this session will take place the following week on Monday 3 October.

Our programme is as follows:

Tuesday 27 September: 1.30pm-2.30pm

The Science behind Loneliness and why it is such a big deal
Suzanne Henwood

Did you ever find yourself left out at school?  Not picked for the sports teams? Not invited to parties?  Do you long to feel like you belong?  Do you feel like no one 'gets' you?  And what do you make this all mean?  Loneliness is not just about ‘being with’ others – it is about how you feel, even when you are in a crowded room. It is a gap between your desire for social connection and the actual experience of connection in your life. It is a deep craving for authentic closeness with others. 

Suzanne started her working life in healthcare – moving from being a practitioner in Diagnostic Imaging, to educator and to Associate Professor. She has 30+ years’ experience of teaching and training at an advanced level and is an NLP Coach and Trainer, a Mindfulness Facilitator, a Map of Meaning facilitator and an mBIT Master Coach and Master Trainer – one of only two people in the world to hold both titles. She is also trained in Polyvagal Informed Therapy, ACT, Havening, Heartmath, IDT (Interactive Drawing Therapy), Time Line Therapy,  Existential Coaching, Map of Meaning, The Emotional Culture Deck, Solution Focused Brief Therapy for severe stress and anxiety and Refocussing Counselling.  

Wednesday 28 September: 1.30pm-2.30pm

A look into the Lightning Process® training and how to flip yourself back into recovery
Jenny Oliver

Do you feel trapped in your ‘condition’ and looping negative thoughts? Have you tried everything to fix yourself and don’t know where to turn? Are you stuck or struggling and ready for change?  The Lightning Process® Training is based on the neuro science of the way the brain-body-mind all connect together to reset your body’s onboard healing systems. You will take away  transformational, practical tools to apply anywhere, anytime to redirect those not useful patterns. 

After life changing events in her family, Jenny left fulltime teaching of 30 years, to teach the Lightning Process® to people stuck in chronically ill conditions.  She is a fully registered teacher with a Bachelors degree in Education and a Masters in Coaching, NLP and Anatomy Physiology from the Phil Parker Training Institute in London. Jenny is an uplifting and inspirational educator, known for her innovative teaching and coaching style, and her compassionate ability to recognise the potential and possibilities within everyone.

“If the brain and body can get into non useful patterns, equally it can be trained to create new ones – recovery and repair is possible – I see it every day.” 

Friday 30 September: 1.30pm-2.30pm

Making It All A Little Easier
Edmond Otis

Especially relevant now, a few key skills and strategies we can use or share, to make living with ourselves and communicating with each other – just a little easier, is what Edmond will be sharing with us. 

Edmond  is a licensed psychotherapist and internationally known speaker and performance coach who works with professionals, businesses, public and private organisations, athletes, sport teams, and everyday people – to increase resilience, perform under pressure, facilitate change, and dramatically improve outcomes and results.  A senior lecturer in Health and Sport Science at the Eastern Institute of Technology (EIT), and prior, a Senior Lecturer in Humanities, and Director of Martial Arts in Athletics at the University of California, Riverside, Edmond was also twice recipient of the University Distinguished Teaching Award.

Edmond teaches real skills, creating dynamic content, effective strategies, and pragmatic solutions for today's most complex professional, personal and performance challenges.  “More than anything I’m most interested in the endless of ways that our thoughts, our emotions, our behaviours, and our relationships impact our performance, our health, our happiness, and our quality of life".

Monday 3 October: 1.30pm-2.30pm

Purakau and the stories in our lives
Tipene Pickett

This session will give you an opportunity to be curious about a behaviour you'd like to you'd change in your intimate relationships through the use of puurakau (narrative of origin) that allows you to observe yourself in a different way, whilst highlighting strengths you have that can boost your confidence in forging  a new way of being that aligns yourself to the values you hold.  Iti te kupu, nui te koorero - small is the word, great is it's meaning. 

Tipene has been a practitioner of Motivational Interviewing (MI) for the past 17 years and trainer of trainers for the past 6 years.  A significant part of his training involves training health professionals in various organisations in health, employment and justice settings, with an emphasis on embedding MI training within organisations by creating sustainable MI learning communities to ensure their health practitioners maintain proficiency.  His special interest is in the relationship between MI and Cultural practices that facilitate change and he has developed a framework for framing the journey of MI within the context of Maori practices (Tikanga) particularly the Powhiri process of engagement.

Tuesday 4 October: 1.00pm-2.00pm

Everyone better, every day
Sir John Kirwan

One of JK’s personal and professional missions is to help 100 million people with their daily mental wellbeing. He’s a huge believer in having a daily mental health plan to help you feel good and function well. JK will share how creating his own daily mental health plan “saved his life” and give people a framework for creating their own. People will walk away with new tools for how to find their Groov, as well as a renewed sense of optimism about their mental wellbeing.  Groov is a leading workplace wellbeing platform, used by a growing number of workplaces across Australia and New Zealand. It helps you embed a wellbeing-first culture across your organisation. The platform gives your people the tools they need to thrive at home and at work. 

Sir John Kirwan is an All Black rugby legend and has been the face of mental health in New Zealand for 20 years and was one of the first to speak out about mental health and get help.  John leads a passionate team dedicated to improving the mental wellbeing of people in workplaces all around the globe. There’s no one size fits all, so his team take a tailored approach to help their growing list of workplaces.  Partnering up with serial tech entrepreneur Adam Clark was the start of their journey to creating a world class mental wellbeing platform, which brings together Sir JK’s lived experience and evidence based tools and techniques from his clinical team.

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Workshops run daily from 1.30pm-2.30pm so grab a cuppa and learn from our experts, for FREE. Don't worry if you can't make it, all sessions are recorded and will be available on our Youtube channel for all registrants.



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