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The Myths of Menopause 
with the Female GP: Dr Samantha Newman

Dr Samantha Newman (MBChB BSc (hons) DipOMG) is a GP with a special interest in Menopause. 

Understand the hormonal changes in women that can begin in your 30s. Find out who to ask and what to ask, be part of your village. 

​Women have health conditions related to all stages of life. These are significantly affected by hormones which also change throughout life. Dr Samantha Newman applies a western medical approach looking at women as a whole.​

We are not static. Things change in our bodies, minds and situations month to month, and year to year. Health is influenced by physical health and mental health. She brings these two concepts together to help you move forward. She empowers women to decide what is best for them, by giving informed choices in both oral and written forms, and time. Time to listen, time to ask questions and time for all of us to put things together and make an individualised plan.

Content includes:

  • An overview of the hormonal changes in women that can begin in your 30s

  • Finding out what medical and non-medical options are available to you – and who to contact for help

  • Becoming part of your village - you are not alone!

Who Should Attend

This 2-hour seminar is for all women and men interested in woman's health and how to best navigate the different stages of life.


Tauranga Boys College - Graham Young Youth Theatre
664, Cameron Road
Tauranga South

Doors open at 6.30pm, Seminar starts at 7pm and is set to finish at 9pm.

Limited onsite parking is available, but first in, first serve.

What others say about this seminar

"We’re about sleep and melatonin, hormone replacement, the nutrition at this time of life. I found it very informative and enjoyed it", February 2023

"That I'm not alone, and there is a lot of help out there. It was all so informative, I can't choose just one example", February 2023

"Informative, Useful, Insightful", February 2023

"Connected. Wāhine toa. Want More", February 2023

"Thank you. We all need to know more about our bodies!!!", February 2023

Presenter: Dr. Samantha Newman

MBChB BSc (hons) PGDipOMG
Honorary Lecturer at the University of Auckland
Adjunct Research Associate at the University of Monash

​Samantha qualified from Bristol University Medical School in 2010. She started her clinical training in North-west London, and subsequently started Obstetrics and Gynaecology Specialist Training. In 2013 she moved to New Zealand with her husband and has been working as a GP since 2015. Based in Hawkes Bay, her clinic, the FemaleGP was established in 2016 to improve access to focused healthcare for women.

​In 2020-2021 Samantha was the Clinic Lead of a GP-led prolapse and incontinence clinic at Hawkes Bay Hospital where she worked as a Forensic Medical Examiner for sexual assault, and practice General Practice at a local Family Practice. It has always been her ambition to focus on women's health and run a specialist clinic. Samantha regularly meets with specialist health care providers from all over the world, particularly those who specialise in women’s health, menopause and reproductive hormone medicine, to ensure she delivers quality healthcare.

She lives the ‘kiwi-dream’ on a lifestyle block in Hawke's Bay with her daughter, husband and dogs (as well as the obligatory chickens and sheep). Out of work, she's either with her family, or running with friends. She also loves baking and trying her hand at a variety of arts and crafts, particularly with her daughter.

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