Enhancing patient care in your ED by understanding the interactions with community providers (GPs, Urgent Care, Ambulance and Healthline)

A one-day (6 hour) face to face workshop for
Clinical Directors, Assistant Clinical Directors and other interested SMOs,
who are working in the ED

Date TBC

As clinicians within ED, doctors need to be focused on the needs of their patients. As clinical managers within ED, we need to lift our heads above the day-to-day demands of individual patients and tackle the demands of balancing patient flows and resource loads, while achieving ED targets within a constrained budget. Senior Medical Officers in ED can be more effective if they understand the landscape of care being provided before and after the hospital and support junior staff to use community resources effectively.

To survive, even thrive, as clinicians within ED, doctors need a deep understanding that goes beyond the patient in front of them and the way patients move through the department. They need to appreciate that what is happening within the walls of the ED are affected by the context within which the ED sits. They need to understand what drives the number and nature of the patients who come through the ‘front-door’ and what they can do to influence that flow. They also need to understand what influences the flow out the ‘backdoor’ and how all of this influences the ED.

Effective clinicians working in ED have to be ‘system thinkers’, able to grasp the wider picture while keeping their feet firmly grounded in an understanding of the needs of their patients and staff. They need to have balanced views on the various system components, knowing how to leverage each part, especially as ED volumes are increasing and the impacts of COVID-19 such as increasing unemployment and worsening mental health become apparent.

The workshop will provide insight into this bigger system in practical ways, without getting you lost in the detail and complexity. Focusing on the practical application of systems thinking and utilising data from your ED and the surrounding health system, this one-day course will provide you with ideas, tools and skills that will help you in the difficult task of managing an ED.

Why Attend This Workshop?

There are 5 features to this workshop which make it unique from any other that you will have ever been to:

1. Information will be provided to you that is relevant to your DHB and ED, some of which you will have never seen before.
2. You will work with and adapt a flow model of patients through your ED, giving you a better understanding, of the flow into, through and out of our ED.
3. Combining the flow model with effective systems thinking ideas and tools, you will work through a practical process to explore key issues and opportunities in your own ED.
4. You will get a handout of relevant publicly available information for your ED, as a quick reference guide for you on major stakeholders.
5. You will be provided access to the simulation flow model you develop during the course of the workshop, to build scenarios in the future.

The day will be split into 4 workshop sessions, building upon each other to provide a systematic way to tackle issues and develop new opportunities.

Our Speakers

David Rees PhD

As a founding partner of Synergia, David have spent much of the last 20 years utilising systems thinking to help health professionals improve their understanding of the complex worlds within which they live and work. Bringing together evidence and engagement, within a systems framework, David has worked across the health sector providing people with the concepts methods and tools that help them solve current problems and design better futures. Over the last few years David has worked in both NZ and Australia utilising system thinking and computer simulation methods to develop more effective approaches to Dementia and End-of-Life care.

Working with individuals, organisations and communities, David utilises qualitative and quantitative systems methods to guide his consulting and research work in the areas of health, social care and community development. David has worked in ED settings in both New Zealand and Australia and will share practical ways of utilising systems concepts, methods and tools to help clinicians tackle issues and explore opportunities within the context of the larger system of urgent care.

David is also an Honorary Lecturer at the School of Population Health, University of Auckland.

Dr Matt Wright

Matt is the Clinical Lead at Synergia. He is a practicing doctor at Middlemore Emergency Department with 10 years’ experience in acute primary care.

As well as his medical degree, fellowship in Urgent Care and paediatric diploma, Matt has an MBA from Cambridge University. His areas of interest are system quality Improvement and outcomes tracking, and he understands the importance of striving for both of these in any new or existing health initiative. He has become adept at data collection, aggregation and clinical interpretation, and supports Synergia by providing clinically meaningful analysis in many projects, often collaboratively through dashboard visualisations.

Matt has been the key clinical advisor for Patient After Hours and Urgent Access (PAUA) SLAT for several years, and has led much of the data analysis that informs the alliance’s decisions. 

Matt has been instrumental in the implementation of the Palliative Outcomes Initiative (POI), and was the creator of the monitoring dashboard, so the Hospices of Auckland chief executives could track their performance and review indicators of quality for the POI programme. Palliative Care has become a specialist data area for Matt, as he also supports individual hospices to understand and improve their models of care and the outcomes from these, and is leading the creation of a national hospice data system.

Matt has also had experience conducting quality improvement projects when mentoring three junior doctors at their DHBs in 2018, to demonstrate that change is achievable in only 12 weeks. He offers clinical oversight to a range of ACC projects that Synergia has contracts for, as they aim to change their funding models to become more outcome focussed.

Who Should Attend

Clinical Directors, Assistant Clinical Directors and other interested SMOs, who are working in the ED and looking to improve service outcomes and patient experiences.

Date & Location

Date TBC
Hilton, Princes Wharf, Auckland

About Synergia

Our vision is to make an active and long-lasting contribution to building strong and healthy nations.

New Zealand and Australia are great countries with proud histories and exciting futures. We are lucky to experience some of the best qualities of life in the world, including excellent natural resources and vibrant and resilient populations. They are countries that we love to live in and be a part of. However, there are inequalities of outcome that are real and challenging. In order for a country to realise its full potential, it requires a productive society, with people, systems and motivation to challenge inequality and improve outcomes. At Synergia, we act, listen and provide advice taking into account the wider context that make New Zealand and Australia such great places to live.

Our diverse backgrounds span population, primary and secondary health, social services, mental health and disabilities. We balance this content knowledge with our data skills and co-design processes to deliver sustainable solutions that work for the complex real world.With offices in Auckland, Wellington and Sydney, we have direct reach across much of Australasia within these sectors.

Check out some of our work at https://synergia.consulting/case-studies/

Price & Registration

$1000 inclusive of GST

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What happens if you have to cancel?

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Owing to the current COVID 19 situation and uncertainty around future COVID Alert Levels, we reserve the right to offer this face-to-face event via a ZOOM meeting on the dates shown due to Ministry of Health advice. Should this occur, we will advise you appropriately.

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