Introductory Growing Through Workshop

Peer Support Training for Life's Most Difficult Moments

Introductory Growing Through Workshop - Peer Support Training for Life's Most Difficult Moments


Thursday 14 May, 9am - 10am

"What we know about human growth is that... these difficult moments end up being very important." - Eduardo Vega

Growing Through is an innovative, strengths-based approach to supporting others through challenging life events and personal distress. Guided by best practices for mental health peer support and suicide prevention, informed by the recovery model, humanistic psychology and lived expertise, Growing Through provides skills training for serving as an “ally” to others in these difficult times, including effective use of one’s personal experience. 

Eduardo is an internationally recognized thought leader in mental health systems, programs and policy, consumer/patient engagement, stigma reduction, men’s health and suicide prevention.  He has lived experience of suicide and a consumer advocate himself, he helped found the 'Destination Dignity!' Project, 'United Suicide Survivors International' and other transformative initiatives. 

Growing Through philosophy and core practices including authentic presence and positive inhibition. It provides simple steps for keeping the focus on the ‘peer in pain’ and avoiding the impulse to advise while sharing personal lived experience in a helping context. Using real play and role play scenarios participants gain skill in the Growing Through approach to ensure that what they have to ‘offer’ is timely and truly helpful. 

Who should attend

Growing Though training is designed for a range of service providers including crisis/support contact centre staff and volunteers plus those who wish to put their personal experiences to use in supporting others.  Combining practices for connecting authentically via presence and positive inhibition with a highly structured approach for offering personal experience to others in the context of intensity or 'crisis', offering presence fills a critical gap in suicide prevention, community mental health and peer specialist service.

About the Presenter

Eduardo Vega, MA

For over twenty-five years, Eduardo Vega has worked as a leader in advocacy and transformative behavioural health programs and practices internationally.

This has included providing technical assistance, research and training projects, and major policy initiatives in suicide prevention, stigma and discrimination reduction. Also, consumer rights and empowerment, community integration, self-help and peer support services.

From 2010- 2016 he served as President/CEO of the Mental Health Association of San Francisco, and was the founder and Principal Investigator of the USA Center for Dignity, Recovery & Empowerment. Eduardo now serves on the American Steering Committee of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, the Global Anti-Stigma Alliance and the Executive Committee of the US National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention, through which he founded the first national Suicide Attempt Survivor Task Force.

Eduardo is a former Fulbright Specialist and California State Commissioner for Mental Health, and for his work in culturally focused programs, stigma reduction, empowerment and systems change he has been recognized by the United States Senate, the US Surgeon General and others. He holds an M.A. in Psychology from New School for Social Research.

Date & Location

Thursday 14 May, 9am - 10am

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