Persuasive Therapeutic Communication Skills and Tools

Improving our communication effectiveness when working to help others

Monday 21 November, 4.30pm - 6pm
90 minute Online Workshop

“What people say, what people do, and what they say they do - are entirely different things.”
“Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else”
- Margaret Mead

Research shows that counsellors, teachers, health providers, clinicians, and the rest of us, can dramatically improve positive change efforts, continuity, program and medical adherence, and outcomes for those we are working to help – by improving how well we facilitate the mental, emotional, and interpersonal aspects of the change process.

This training is especially relevant to those involved in helping others successfully facilitate positive lifestyle and behavioural changes.  The webinar’s focus on real-world dynamics, and its unique, hands on – what to do – training emphasis goes to the heart of addressing a topic that concerns everyone involved in helping or treating – anyone.

Our goal is to enhance face-to-face our abilities, and to effectively introduce and reinforce relevant wellness, therapeutic, and lifestyle behaviours to a broad range of individuals.  These skills are especially relevant to anyone involved in helping others successfully facilitate important lifestyle and behavioural changes as a goal of treatment.


This unique 90-minute webinar is specifically designed for anyone working to help others.  We focus on the reality that understanding change, stress, anxiety, and depression, can help us establish stronger a rapport and thus help us – help others – more effectively.

This session will provide training in developing the actual verbal, emotional and physical interpersonal skills we all need to turn to help people get the outcomes, and make the changes, they need and want to make.

You will learn how to turn conflict into cooperation, and successfully deal with the most challenging types of people – many of whom we will need to deal with again. In addition, we will explore how to create a happy, productive, efficient, and non-turbulent workplace, by improving our ability to set appropriate boundaries.

Who is Edmond Otis?

Edmond Otis, is a licensed psychotherapist and internationally known speaker and performance coach who works with professionals, businesses, public and private organisations, athletes, sport teams, and everyday people – to increase resilience, perform under pressure, facilitate change, and dramatically improve outcomes and results.

Edmond and his family moved to New Zealand in 2008 and became citizens in 2015. He is a senior lecturer in Health and Sport Science at the Eastern Institute of Technology (EIT), and prior, a Senior Lecturer in Humanities, and Director of Martial Arts in Athletics, at the University of California, Riverside, where he was twice recipient of the University Distinguished Teaching Award.
Edmond is also a life-long practitioner, and internationally instructor in traditional karate. He has coached numerous individuals and teams to national (USA) and international championships and has personally developed many high-ranking instructors.

Edmond blends these distinctive skills and insights into his training and consulting style – teaching real skills, and creating dynamic content, effective strategies, and pragmatic solutions for today's most complex professional, personal and performance challenges.
“More than anything I’m most interested in the endless of ways that our thoughts, our emotions, our behaviours, and our relationships impact our performance, our health, our happiness, and our quality of life."

Who Should Attend

This 90 minute online training programme is for all General Practice Clinical Staff and Health Professionals. This will include Counsellors and Associated Health Employees who have a patient/adviser relationship.

Date & Location

90 minute Online Workshop

Monday 21 November, 4.30pm - 6pm
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Price & Registration

90 Minute Workshop
$140.00 inclusive of GST

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Further Details

This workshop will be delivered using ZOOM. Please familiarise yourself with ZOOM, it is very easy and free to use.

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