Taking Stress Seriously

Taking back control before it controls me

Tuesday 4 June
9am - 12noon, Via Zoom

Have you ever asked yourself.....

What is stress – really?

Why can’t I shake it off?

Shouldn’t I just be able to harden up and get on with life?

Many of us know the theory, yet we keep feeling out of control. We have forgotten what calm, peace, joy, pleasure … feels like.

What if you could have a simple plan – a step by step process – that really works to take back control? To do a Reset on your stress response?

This half day workshop is a simple and effective evidence based approach to regulating your emotional state. Sharing tips and tools from a range of coaching and therapeutic modalities, that you can put in place immediately, we will cover:

  • Interoceptive awareness and how you can tell when you have gone off balance

  • The neuroscience behind stress and how you can work with it practically and pragmatically

  • An effective range of simple, practical tools you can use for yourself (or to assist others). For example:

    • The importance of how we frame stress – learning how to see and feel different perspectives

    • The power of language and how to use language to make changes that stick

    • How we can create habits of doing stress – and how to break them

    • Grounding and anchoring techniques to find safety and stability in any moment

    • Working with the heart and breathing to create a state of coherence and balance

    • Making choices around how you respond, so you can take back control

This will be a practical interactive session, including some group coaching and an opportunity in small groups, to share experiences and practice the tools, so that you can go away being confident to use them immediately to regulate your state and to actively reduce stress. 

WARNING: This workshop, when the tools are applied in practice – could seriously impact on your health and wellbeing.

Learning Outcomes

After completing the workshop you will be able to:

  • Have a fuller understand of, and appreciation into, what stress is (and when it can be helpful -and when it is toxic)

  • Recognise in your own body when stress is creeping up on you – and when it has set up home in you

  • Learn a range of practical, evidence based tools to regulate your mood and emotional state, including the use of calming breath, grounding techniques, and a range of embodied tools – that you can put into immediate practice

  • Explore and change your use of language and its impact on stress in your body

  • Explore the concept of ‘choice’ in relation to emotions and stress

Date and Time

This 3-hour interactive workshop will be held on:

Tuesday 4 June, 9am - 12noon.
You will be sent the details to access ZOOM, 1 week prior to the workshop.

This is an interactive workshop with breakout room activities and we therefore ask all participants to have their own computer / laptop as this enhances the learning for all.


Earlybird: $210 incl GST, per person (ends 13 May)
Standard: $255 incl GST, per person

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is designed for those who want to explore how to manage their own stress more effectively in a safe environment. Stress is a normal part of life and we, as humans, are very good at just managing and coping, but we often suppress the stress in doing so. We then get used to a level of stress being ‘normal’ an may even forget what calm feels like. This is a chance to reassess your own stress levels and make changes for your own health and wellbeing.

People who wish to support others in a day to day environment (managers, teachers, health carer professionals etc) and who would love to have a range of practical, easy to use tools in their tool box, to reach into when required.

NOTE - If your organisation is interested in having Suzanne present face-face to your team as a private workshop, please contact feona@grow.co.nz for more information.

Registration and Cancellations Details

Payment online is by debit or credit card (VISA, Mastercard or American Express) only and there are 3 easy steps to complete the online booking process.  
Our registration platform is hosted by Lil Regie, our NZ based booking agent. Upon completing your registration by hitting the blue 'Confirm Booking' button, you will receive an automated email confirming the booking and amount paid by credit card. A GST Tax Invoice showing your payment in full will also be emailed to you.

We work hard to ensure that all workshops are cost effective by automating our systems. If you require an invoice (rather than paying by credit card) there will be a $25 surcharge for this, and you will need to supply:

  • The full name and postal address required to appear on the invoice.

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If you would like to reserve a place, as our workshops fill quickly, or have any issues or questions about your booking, please contact Feona Horrex on 027 204 0425 or email feona@grow.co.nz.

What happens if you have to cancel?
We know that sometimes your plans can change for many different reasons. Should you be unable to attend, a substitute delegate is welcome to attend at no extra cost. If a substitute delegate is not available and you need to cancel your registration, please be aware of the following:
Up to 7 days prior to the event you will be provided a refund of your registration cost, less a $20.00 inc GST per attendee service charge.
If you cancel within 7 days of the event, you are not eligible to receive a refund. Please note: should your registration not be paid by the time of the event, you are still liable to make the payment. Unpaid accounts may be passed over to our debt collection agency and additional costs may be incurred. 
All cancellations must be received in writing (email). 
Training is cancellable by GROW with 3 days’ notice if a minimum number of attendees is not met and full refunds will be provided.
Please note: GROW Ltd reserves the right to make any amendments that we may deem to be in the best interest of the workshop – it is however very unlikely and we will notify you as soon as possible should this occur.
For more information see our full Terms of Trade.

Meet Dr Suzanne Henwood

Suzanne is a Neuroscience based Coach and Counsellor.  She started her working life in healthcare, as a diagnostic radiographer – moving from being a practitioner, to educator and to Associate Professor, before setting up her own business, mBraining4success in NZ in 2013. She has 30 years’ experience of teaching and training at an advanced level and is an mBIT Master Coach and Master Trainer – one of only two people in the world to hold both titles, she is an NLP Coach and Trainer, and has also studied: IDT, Polyvagal Informed Therapy, Havening, Heart math, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, ACT, Map of Meaning, Refocusing Counselling, Time Line Therapy, Mindfulness and Existential Coaching.

Suzanne trains coaches globally in the cutting edge, neuroscience based coaching modalities, enabling them to support people in difficult and chaotic times. She works with two GP Practices, supporting clients who are stressed and / or anxious and have presented with physical symptoms, partnering with clients to get them back to balance and flow.

Suzanne is an author and speaker globally, her latest successes include: co publishing The Ultimate Gratitude Journal; being named as a finalist in the ANLP Awards for Research and Education (2022); and appearing by invitation on numerous global summits.


For further details, please contact:
e: feona@grow.co.nz
p: 027 204 0425

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