The Power of Positive Storytelling

Boost positivity and your team’s story skills at the same time.

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Everyone thrives amongst positive and encouraging stories but they’re often in short supply, especially at work. Our brain’s negativity bias conspires against it.

Psychologist Rick Hanson has a neat way of explaining how negativity bias works.  Our brains are  programmed so that negative stories come easy and stick like velcro.  Positive experiences are  much harder to remember - they slip off like teflon.

The good news? Neuroscience now tells us that by focusing and reflecting on positive experiences we can turn this bias around by consciously recalling and sharing positive experiences. 

This masterclass with Moya Sayer-Jones will introduce you to the simplest and most enjoyable way to send the negativity bias packing!  And build positive story awareness and skills into your  everyday communications. It’s called the Sweet Spot.

The Sweet Spot is a simple, enjoyable ritual that your team will love. It’s a time to focus on what’s going right and share some wins. This might be a time you’ve discovered something new, hit on a new idea, felt the rewards of a difficult situation, been pleasantly surprised by a client’s progress.

The workshop will also include

The Sweet Spot masterclass with Moya  is guaranteed fun. And it’s short and sweet too. In 90 minutes you’ll learn how get those positive stories flowing every single week.

  • Understand how positive storytelling can mitigate negativity bias in your team
  • Join a Sweet Spot session to experience the feeling for yourself
  • Learn how to host a Sweet Spot so everyone wants ‘in’
  • Discover how to use your Sweet Spots to build storyskills and gather the stories you need to hear

Who is Moya Sayer-Jones?

Moya Sayer-Jones is on a mission to fill the world with stories. She’s regarded as one of Australasia’s leading story experts and teachers.

For more than two decades, her creative story agency, Only Human Stories, has been working with visionary leaders and NFP’s to find and share their own stories in powerful ways.  Clients include Moya’s clients include:  NZ - Volunteering New Zealand; DIA, YWCA Auckland, Literacy Aoteroa AU - Family and Community Services, Veterans Affairs, NSW Cancer Council, Queensland Health and many more.

In her first career, Moya was well-known as a comic novelist, columnist and screenwriter. Now she brings this same energy and creativity to her work to liberate authentic stories so that people can soar.

See the work:  Join Moya on LinkedIn

Who Should Attend

This workshop is aimed at team managers, HR and people professionals and individuals.

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Date and Location

Thursday 8 September, 11am - 12.30pm

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Price & Registration

Morning Workshop
$140 per person inclusive of GST 

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Further Details

This workshop will be delivered using ZOOM. Please familiarise yourself with ZOOM, it is very easy and free to use.

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