Early Planning Reports 101 – For ACC registered sensitive claim providers

(Please note, this is a Senior Clinician’s take and is not an ACC funded training)

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What others have said about this training

"When I signed up for this, I knew there was no-body else who ran such trainings. Diane was brilliant. Thank you". 
Counselling Practice Manager

"’This should be compulsory training for people starting with ACC work." Counsellor

"This workshop introduced me to the format/process of ACC report writing while clarifying things I would not have seen/understood by just working through it myself. Made it all less intimidating. It was clear, logical, time managed well and informative but not overwhelming. Very helpful slides. Thank you." Clinical Psychologist.

"This workshop provided a range of information in clear terms. I would definitely recommend it to others as the training provided easy to grasp explanations of ACC processes and how to meet them in a professional manner." Counsellor

"Diane was very experienced, practical, helpful. It was well prepared and presented with plenty of time for robust discussion." I would have loved to know all this before doing my first report." Clinical lead 

"Great introduction. Excellent material. Accessible but informative." Clinical Psychologist.

Early Planning Reports 101

This interactive webinar workshop is offered by Diane Clare who is an experienced clinical psychologist who has been an ACC provider since the 1990s and completing Early Planning Reports since the start of the Sensitive Claims service. 

It is for ACC registered sensitive claim providers or those in the process of seeking that registration and who want to know what these reports entail.

It will also be of benefit to those new to delivering ACC funded counselling or those already doing them who need some guidance for ways to complete Early Planning Reports.

Please Note: this is not ACC endorsed or funded- it is a senior clinician’s take based on years of experience with ACC sexual abuse work and related documentation.

Content of this one-day webinar:

  • Procedure for doing EPRs and the related legislation informing ACC decisions on such claims.
  • Mapping your journey through the different sections of the EPR template and things to consider.
  • What helps to include in the EPR that can help inform the supported assessment planning.
  • A framework for recording current issues within the EPR.
  • Any risk concerns and your initial safety plan to address these.
  • To help illustrate these items, there will be space to discuss your own casework and challenges arising. 

The Learning Outcomes:

This will be of particular relevance to those who have clients wishing to go forward for longer term therapy (i.e. towards a Supported Assessment) rather than short-term wellbeing sessions.  

1.  A better grasp of how to complete an Early Planning Report step by step.

2.  What to include in the risk part of the report.

3.  Why some knowledge of the effects of the trauma (even though no longer in the EPR) is helpful to provide before the Supported Assessment.

4.  Increased confidence in how to complete the EPR.

5.  An understanding of your role when attending a Supported Assessment with your client (in follow up to the EPR).

Who Should Attend:

  • ACC registered sensitive claim providers

  • Those in the process of seeking that registration 

  • Those new to delivering ACC funded counselling

  • Those already completing ACC registered sensitive claim Early Planning Reports who need some guidance on effectively completing them.

    NOTE - If your organisation is interested in having Diane present face-face as a private workshop to your team, please contact Faye Johnson for more information.

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About the Presenter

Diane Clare
BA, MA (Hons), Dip. Clin. Psych., AFBPS
Memberships:  NZCCP, MNZAP, ISSTD
Accredited Practitioner in EMDR and is a member of the EMDRNZ Board.
Fellow of ISSTD (International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation).

Diane Clare is a registered Consultant Clinical Psychologist who trained at the University of Canterbury. Diane has worked in mental health and counselling services since 1981, first as a grief counsellor then as a psychotherapist, before becoming registered as a psychologist in 1993. She has worked in leadership and Director level roles across a range of services in both NZ and the UK including primary care, adult mental health, forensic, intellectual disability and tertiary student services. 

While in the UK in 2005 she developed the Alternatives to Self-Harm programme and has presented her work internationally since 2012. Diane is a seasoned presenter and provides a range of workshop options with an emphasis on practical solutions for clinical staff. She has a specialist interest in working with people recovering from the effects of complex trauma. In 2022 Diane was made a Fellow of ISSTD in recognition of her outstanding contribution to the field of trauma and dissociation.

ZOOM Date & Details

Now Offered through our GROW LEARNING ON DEMAND platform

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