Conversations That Create Hope 2 - A more in-depth look into Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT)

An Online Workshop with David Hains and Emma Burns

9.30am - 4.00pm - via ZOOM

                                                                 What Others have said about this training.

"I now feel empowered to try new things and make a real difference for myself and others. Nga mihi for a fantastic workshop."

"I was excited to attend this training to deepen my knowledge of SFBT. I feel I can now look beyond what I can immediately see and see past the problems and focus on the solution with the client."

This intermediate level workshop on Solution-Focused Approaches is targeted at people who have at least some knowledge and experience in using the approach, and will build on the learning and experience that you have already gained since completing the SF1 Introduction Workshop.

Taking your solution-focused knowledge and skills to the next level, this workshop will expand on the core skills and knowledge from the first workshop and use this knowledge to build conversations. During the day there will be a significant amount of interaction and practice to consolidate your knowledge, skills, and confidence in the approach.

There will be an assumption that you have already tried using the approach in your own workplace, and we will reflect on your experiences so far. We will also highlight that the basic concepts and techniques of this approach can be used in all of our interactions with our clients, customers and colleagues.

The Solution Focused Approach should not be seen only as a ‘therapy’ but also as a way of communicating in a positive and future-focused way. This workshop will have less of a 'clinical' focus with more emphasis on building conversations in a way that is equally applicable to clinical and non-clinical settings.

This interactive, online workshop will be held once per annum and we recommend it is taken at a later date, sometime after you have completed the introduction workshop, to give you the time to put into practice what you have learnt and to build-up your learning.

What is Solution Focused Brief Therapy?

Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT):

  • is an approach to counselling or psychotherapy
  • is forward-focused rather than looking backwards to analyse the past
  • is based on solution building rather than problem solving
  • explores strengths, personal resources and future hopes rather than problems, illness, weakness or deficits 
  • is brief – typically 1-5 sessions 
  • was originally developed at the Brief Family Therapy Centre in Milwaukee USA in the 1980’s
  • has proven to be an effective intervention in a wide range of clinical, social, educational and corporate settings
  • can be used in virtually any situation where people want to improve something in their lives
  • does not analyse problems but rather goes straight to looking for and then moving towards a solution (the “problem” has already caused you to waste a lot of time and energy, so we don’t intend to waste any more)
  • is simple to teach and easy to learn, you don’t need a master’s degree 
  • has a sound evidence base, and is generally as effective as most psychological therapies however in comparatively less sessions

Intended Workshop Learning Outcomes

At the end of the workshop attendees will: 

  • Understand the difference between a solution-focused and a problem-focused conversation, and to identify where each option is appropriate.

  • Have an increased ability to identify and ellicit strengths, and to use these in a conversation as an agent for change.

  • Have an increase in knowledge and confidence in the Solution Focused approach, and identify potential uses for the approach in your current workplace.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is for all who have previously attended the introductory level workshop with David Hains and Emma Burns. 

It is for anyone who works to support others to change, or who want to find a better way of doing things. The Solution Focused Approach can be used by anyone (you do not have to be a clinician), from executives, managers, employees, teams, or an individual who just wants something to be better. 

For large corporations to small business, this workshop will:

  • help leaders, managers and executives to become better leaders

  • help employees to find better ways of doing things

  • improving employee wellbeing and reducing burnout

For health services, NGOs and education services it will help clinical and non-clinical staff to:

  • help their teams to grow together and move in the one direction

  • teach of solution focused techniques to use in the organisation

NOTE - If your organisation is interested in having David and Emma present as a private online workshop to your team, please contact Faye Johnson for more information.

The following peak bodies and organisations recognise that the training we offer is of a high quality, evidence based and relevant for their members CPD.

This 1-day workshop is worth 20 points/6.5 hours CPD

Our Presenters

David Hains

David is a Mental Health Nurse Consultant working in a variety of settings including Headspace (youth mental health service) where he does single session therapy, and a hospital emergency department in Adelaide, Australia (he's not a kiwi, but he did spend all of 2019 in the Bay of Plenty). People don't come to see him because they are having a good day. His job is to have them leave in a better state than when they arrived, but he may only have a short time to do this. 

David is the former President of the Australasian Solution Focused Association and in recent years he has been awarded the Leadership Award from the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation, the Achievement Award from the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses, and the South Australian Premier's Nursing Scholarship. In 2016 he started a private business ‘Left Turn’ as a way to bring his knowledge, experience and passion for the solution focused approach out of the hospital and into the real world.

Emma Burns

Emma is a registered psychologist who was introduced to the Solution Focused in 2011. She immediately fell in love with the approach, and has been a passionate advocate for it ever since.

Emma has worked in mental health, education, traumatic incident response and was the national clinical advisor for suicide bereavement. Since 2010 Emma has been working within the justice field, supporting families experiencing violence and abuse, and has a special interest in suicide prevention. She is the President of the Australasian Solution Focused Association and has a small part time business delivering training, supervision and counselling.

Zoom Date & Details

Next date TBC

9.30am - 4.00pm

You will be sent the details to access ZOOM, after you have registered. 

Participants will be doing exercises in separate (virtual) break out rooms and you will be emailed resources prior to the training. There will be group discussions and participants are encouraged to ask questions. As this is an interactive workshop, we therefore ask all participants to have their own computer / laptop with a working camera and mic as this makes interaction with the breakout room activities and discussions easier and enhances the learning for all. A few people gathered around one device will not work for this workshop unfortunately and please note, you tend to get feedback if you are in the same office as someone else in the same Zoom meeting.

This webinar will not be recorded.


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